Tuesday, March 24, 2009

rainy days & sunny days

Today was a rainy day. James didn't even go to work. It was a good staying at home day or as James would say, "A good baby makin' day." Ha. FYI: There were no babies being made today in the Gilmore household.

James and Jackson have been wanting a tent so they can "camp out" in the back yard. We found a cool one at Wal-Mart and Jackson insisted on putting it up when we got home. Since it was raining outside, we improvised. Jackson and James both napped in it all afternoon.

Charlie thinks it's pretty cool. The boys have their toys in there and it's been the hit of the afternoon. Thank goodness!


After school on Monday, Jackson wanted to draw. He wrote everyone's names that we knew.

And now we must pick up some more of those color sticks next time we're at the store...cause he used them all up!

Getting serious on the kitchen table. He told me that Champs last name was Gilmore and Stella cat's last name was Gilmore too. Oh, and Lana Gilmore...


Speaking of Aunt Lana, she popped in the door one day this week with a new pool! The boys were jumping with excitement as she pulled it out of the box. I was secretly jumping for joy too as I thought: "This will be great this summer when I don't feel like lugging the boys and huge bag of toys to the pool, and a lunchbox and towels...etc". You get the picture. It ended up being like a 3 foot wide pool..haha, I can't see myself plopping down in the baby pool with both kids. It wouldn't work out too well. But they love it and ripped their clothes off as soon as Lana filled it up. Fun!

What have we here?

I love the summertime....and it's coming!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

More Birthday and Picnic

Monday was Jackson's actual birthday so he got TWO birthday cakes. This one was store bought and really little. But it certainly served its purpose.

Making a wish...

Just checking to see if ya'll were paying attention. This picture should do it. Charlie found Jackson's old bike helmet that doesn't fit anymore and sported it all afternoon. He'd actually freak out if it came off. I let him run and be crazy. It's not like he'd get hurt... ("have you seen my baseball??")...sorry, I had to do it.

Today Jackson had a family picnic at school. We packed our lunches and met him at noon. It was super sunny and bright out.

Charlie looking white as ever. (and I forgot the sunscreen too. Bad Mommy)

Jackson stole James' sunglasses. He also didn't want to pose with Nonna so this is as good as I could get.

But he'd certainly pose with his most favorite person on the planet....his Daddy.

Stella cat drinking water the only way she knows how. Out of the faucet. Happy Hump Day :)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Jackson's 4th Birthday Party!

Jackson wanted a "Diego" party this year. This posed but one problem. I don't know how to make a "Diego" cake. Good thing Aunt Lana was around (and Lenzy)! We whipped it out like we were professional cake decorators...

James had to supervise. At one point I thought Jackson might take one look at his cake and proclaim, "but I didn't want a Little Bill cake! I wanted a Diego cake!" (For those of you who don't know Little Bill, he's the main character on Bill Cosby's cartoon show "Little Bill." And at one point, I thought it was a Little Bill cake...

Oh yes, Lana freehanded Diego. I told her she'll be a seasoned cake decorator by the time she has kids of her own. Her response: "Ha. I'll be paying someone else to decorate my kid's cake." Sweet Lana.

We didn't even realize our shirts matched until James took a pic of us. We were having serious discussions over Diego.

We (Lana & Lenzy) finished up the cake around 10:30pm and we were off to bed. The party started at 10am the next morning. Rain was in the forecast. I didn't have a plan B. So I prayed.

And it worked. (Thanks God). As soon as we loaded up the car to leave, it began to sprinkle. And that was ok with me.

Jackson & his Grandma

Happy birthday boy

Charlie loves balloons

James got to invite his friend too....so he'd have someone to play with :)

Emma playing on the spin seat.

Happy Mr. Nick

Miss Kendall
Zach going down the slide


This is happy Nick's baby brother, Alex....he was having himself some fun!

Grub time!
On the menu: Chick-fil-A nuggets
pb & J sandwiches
juice boxes

This is the cutest face...Beth, I'll have to print you a copy!

Here's THE Diego cake. Turned out prett darn good.

(He LOVED his birthday cake)

Jackson & Christian

A healthy lunch of cheetos...the it's present time!

All the kids gathered around

I was very proud of my son. He told EVERYONE thank you for his party and his presents. I love me some good manners....Happy Birthday Jackson!