Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I'm still here...

Life has been crazy for a couple of weeks! We have moved and are in the process of buying a house! In the interim, we are shacked up at a three bedroom condo. Tight quarters to say the least, but it's all good....and temporary :)

We put most of our "stuff" in storage and brought the necessities with us to the condo. And speaking of stuff, we sure do have a lot of it. Even after all of our moves, I still went to the Goodwill drop-off place several times. I really cannot believe how much stuff we have. I would like to say that most of it is kid/baby stuff. However, my husband comes with ALOT of [literal] baggage! I keep telling him he has too many hobbies! With all the fishing, hunting, boating, golfing, triathlon stuff...I don't hold a candle to him!

I've also entered into the world of eBay and craigslist selling! I've sold several things and feel like I've acquired "free money" or something. It's so easy! When I get bored, I'll shop around and see what I can sell :) It's so fun!

The boys are doing good. Charlie's vocabulary has exploded. He says anything and everything. He is a mess. At the dinner table the other night he was being extra naughty. He likes to create masterpieces with his food. It turns into a huge mess and I get really frustrated. Lana got on to him and told him his antics weren't cute anymore....
That's a sure sign that he's no baby anymore.
He also likes to say, "oh my goodness." We crack up at this too.

Jackson and Charlie are sharing a room for the time being. They think it's pretty cool. Jackson has only come into our room once since we've been in the condo telling James and me, "there are noises coming into my room." We asked what kind of noises and he proceeded to kick and roll around on our bed and rustle up the covers saying, "Charlie keeps making noises like this in his bed." It was funny. They have separate beds, however, Charlie tries to weasel his way into Jackson's bed most of the time.

Jackson told me today in the car, randomly, out of the blue: "Mom, ya know if there were no such things as airplanes, we would just have to ride in a limo to Nonna's house." Ok, Jackson, we'll let you pay for that.

My mom and I just Skyped for the first time ever. It's way cool! I know families that live far away from each other and "eat dinner" with each other thousands of miles apart. Now, I know this sort of thing has been around for quite a while, but I just never quite knew how it worked. I think this has opened up a whole new realm of communication with us! I'll have to get my mother-in-law hooked up too and they can get their grandkid fix any ol time they want :)

We rushed out the door for church last Sunday night and I realized halfway there that I had my slippers on. Yes, I wore them to church. They weren't like big fuzzy bunny slippers or anything, just my furry Ugg flip-flops that I wear in the house, but it was cold outside and I hadn't had my spring pedicure yet...so needless to say, I hid my feet behind James's legs. It was my luck too that we all sat in a circle for devo :0
I'm blaming it all on the week I had prior. I've lost my mind. Moving takes 5 years off my life I swear. And we've still got one more move to make in the next couple of months.

I'll leave you with this:

The new cat is a freak. Happy Tuesday!