Tuesday, February 26, 2008

the great muppet caper

Flashback 1981....granted I was only one year old....but I know you remember the muppets. Remember the movie, "The Great Muppet Caper", where the muppets are in London and they all go on that bike ride in the sun and sing a song?? That was the Gilmore's on Sunday afternoon. Ha. James was on his bike, I on mine, with Jackson, and Lana strolling Charlie behind us. Lana pipes up from the back and starts laughing saying, "We look like the Muppets...in that movie where they all go for a bike ride." It was so funny, because it was so true. Ok, guess you had to be there....but it was pretty funny. I'm still trying to remember how that song went that they sang...guess I'll have to watch the movie.

Suited up and ready to r.i.d.e.

Auntie Lana is with us this week...and we couldn't be happier!

Here we are on my bike...I was a little wobbly starting out. Like, I had a few close encounters with mailboxes...I think I was the one that needed a helmet!

Charlie certainly enjoyed himself! I don't think they make helmets his size...but we were extra careful with him.

Daddy and Charlie biking....just imagine us all coming down the street...I'm telling you, we were the muppets

Jackson had to show the camera his dirty foot. Funny how he finds EVERY mudpuddle in a 1 mile radius and STOMPS in it....it must be pre-programmed in little boys.

I am blocking the view of Diego on tv. No one wanted to look at me.

I'll give you one guess who these chubby thighs belong to! Aren't they soo cute??!
Charlie's loving his rice cereal now...afterwards I'll give him a bottle with some water in it and he'll chew on it. I guess it feels good on his "teeth"
So I've cutted out Charlie's nighttime feedings....He's still not too thrilled about it, but like all things, he'll get used to it. It was SO time to do it. He was waking every 2-3 hours just to nurse. He's not a newborn anymore and I know he can make it through the night without me...he's proved it to me before when he was like 3 months old and sleeping through the night....oh I miss those days! But I'm working on getting them back. James slept on the couch last night...he was sick of hearing him crying. I felt SO bad letting him cry....but I have to do it if I want him to learn to fall back asleep on his own without my boob! And it didn't last that long...i hope tonight is better!
I really don't know what to say for this picture. He cracks us up. This morning he went to BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) with Lana and Stephanie. He has a class for his age group while the ladies meet in their groups. Lana went to get him afterwards and he was sitting outside of his classroom in the hallway with his teacher. Inside they were having "quiet time" and mr. Jackson didn't want to participate....so he was moved into the hallway. Nice Jackson, way to follow the rules. He also told his teacher that he has a brown HORSE at home named UNCLE TIM! hahaha. Of course this was funny because we have never heard of such a thing....now he does have an Uncle Tim....but his imagination is seriously taking off! (or he's just going to be a really good liar)

Monday, February 18, 2008

break on through...to the other side

Ladies and Gentlemen....Mr. Charlie has a tooth!! (well, the top of a tooth) It FINALLY came through after many cranky days AND NIGHTS. I've already started trembling in fear when it comes time to nurse my toothy infant. God have mercy on me :)
He's taken a liking to his rice cereal now. And his applesauce. He lets out this loud cranky sound when I'm not moving at his pace at feeding time. I have to keep that spoon moving! After every bite he sticks his two middle fingers in his mouth and sucks for a minute, then he's ready for another bite. It's cute....but extremely messy.

Charlie and Jackson watchin "Air Buddies." (for those of you who noticed, this is an older picture...prior to Charlie's first haircut). I slacked in the picture taking department this week so I don't have many new pics. Will work on that for next week!
This was James and my "date night" when my mom was here. There's not many photos of us that are nice anymore...not to mention where I have makeup on and my hair is did.
Conked out in his bouncy...look how cute those lips are!
This is Miss Stella, Lana's new cat. She came to visit and truly enjoyed herself. Jackson LOVES her and never stopped playing with her once while she was here. She has sparked an interest in James to adopt one. Cool!

Look what I found on the couch the other day!! I don't know how one just falls over and goes to sleep (maybe he had a case of narcolepsy (sp?) that day.....haha I laughed so hard.
um, Jackson was "playing" with Champ's dog food.
Please ignore my messy pantry shelves! I think Jackson looks like his daddy in this picture.
My boys :)
What a face!
James' Mom and sister came to visit us this past weekend. We had a good visit and James and I even got to go out to dinner Saturday night all by ourselves! We opted for sushi...which we usually do. It was an enjoyable evening :) and weekend.
Today I helped clean a family's house all day. The 8 year old little girl, Gabby, has stomach cancer and has been hospitalized for some time now. The mother is staying with her in the hospital and the dad is at home with the other 2 daughters. Their house is a MESS! Could you imagine your husband cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, homework, taking care of 2 kids on a regular basis all the time; not to mention with a full time job? Let's just say this family needs all the help they can get. Some ladies from our church have been going over and doing laundry and cleaning their house for a couple of weeks now. A couple of weeks ago a toilet in their upstairs bathroom leaked overnight causing 2 inches of water to flood in their house and leaked downstairs.....a mess! There is also still damage to their house from the hurricane (TWO years ago) and carpets have been ripped out and not replaced. The house is in really bad shape....SO, we are nominating them for Extreme Home Makeover!!! IF Gabby ever gets to return home she needs as sterile an environment as possible, and this home doesn't provide that. I really hope we can get some help for this family. Please keep her and her family in your prayers.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Sleepyhead...and random pics

Charlie had his first taste of rice cereal last night...he's not a fan of it! Guess we'll try again later.
It's strange seeing him sit in a highchair. He's not a little baby anymore!

Lana took this picture with her camera the other night. Jackson got a bar of soap and was washing himself...next thing i know he'll be wanting to take showers all by himself! It looks like he's "stayin' alive"
Mr. Charlie got his "first" valentine's card in the mail today from Nonna. He surveyed it for quite a while...til he wanted to put it in his mouth!
"Where's the cash Nonna????"

Jackson and his friend, Nick, at the playground

Getting ready for our walk! He loves them!
Our friends Tyler and Taylor! We had just gotten back from a walk and everyone was in the posing mood.

It's 12:12pm...and I just woke up! No, not since last night. I did have to get up this morning and take Jackson to school and go to the bank. Then Charlie and I came home and he went down for his morning nap. I decided to take advantage of the situation and crawled into bed myself. I was so exhausted. I've been exhausted lately. Don't know why...could be that Charlie is still waking every 4 hours for a nursing session, or I've started exercising...or we had a busy weekend.. We went to church and then I hosted a baby shower for my friend Beth after church. At 5 we went to the Pierce's for small groups. It's where we have a meal and a bible study instead of going to the church building. It's much more intimate and I really enjoy the fellowship with everyone. Plus the kids get to run around and play with each other. Nonstop Sunday...

So I got a crazy idea in my head....I am going to start training for a half-marathon. More on that later.

Monday, February 4, 2008

my almost 3 year old...

  • I braved Wal-Mart with the kids today for some grocery shopping. Jackson said he had to go potty. I knew this was coming, and I was terrified. I came prepared with a mini can of lysol, antibacterial wipes, and antibacterial hand gel. I park the cart and we go in. I "prepare" the toilet seat (because my almost 3 year old prefers to sit) and he sits...and says he "doesn't have to go." I am frustrated and annoyed...whatever, we continue our shopping. Ten minutes later he says he has to go potty. Luck has it, we're at the FRONT of the store and the potty is at the BACK of the store. So we race to the back of the store and repeat the above and the same thing happens. Gun shy. I am ready to start yelling, but keep my cool....he really wants to test my patience today and he pees in his pants at the checkout. NOW I know why I go to the grocery store ALONE!!!!!!

  • He told me he had a "scratch". I said, "where?" Bad idea Jess. He proceeds to pull his pants down and show me where the "scratch" is. We'll just say a "private place." I tried not to break out into laughter and kept a straight face. I said I couldn't kiss his booboo and quickly changed the subject. He said to me, "Come on mommy, just kiss it, just kiss it for me!" I ran.

  • He has started telling me to be nice when I am getting on to him for doing something he shouldn't be doing. "Can you just be NICE mommy?" he says. Kinda makes me feel bad...

  • When Jackson is throwing one of his fits, Charlie finds it funny. I mean, Charlie will laugh out loud and this will further fuel Jackson's tantrum. Sometimes I secretly think to myself, "keep laughing Charlie." I know this sounds messed up....but sometimes laughter is just what you need in those situations!
  • I am so over my almost three year old's finicky eating habits. How do I change this and is this something I created? Is it my fault???

    1. We went to a Mardi Gras parade Friday night with the kids. It was lots of fun. Beau and his friends had a trailer set up with heaters and a grill and we had a great time! James caught the best beads and Jackson was thrown every kind of stuffed animal ever created. Funny, they never made it home with us.....(insert evil laughter).....sorry, one thing I can't stand are stuffed animals or stuffed anythings. They are a dust magnet and kids don't even play with them.

      We went for a walk today because it was 80 degrees outside. It was a great walk and I've been trying to do it everyday that the weather is nice. I need some form of exercise and the kids love it. Then we colored on the driveway with chalk. I drew a hopscotch game and showed Jackson how to play. If you've never seen an almost three year old try this...you should. It's good entertainment, and the passersby probably got a kick out of it too!

      Charlie bundled up and ready for the parade!

      Time to raise the crib bars!