Friday, July 8, 2011

Baby Girl Nursery

Let me start by saying that I have had way too much fun decorating this nursery.
I didn't get into it as much with my boys.
I mean, I had fun picking out all of their stuff....
but girl stuff is waaaaay cuter!

We, meaning, me, Lana, James and my mom have all done our share of transforming the guest bedroom/office into a girly nursery :)

I had the hardest time figuring out what colors, bedding, etc. I wanted to go with until my mom handed me a Serena and Lily catalog.
First of all, I had never seen this company before.
[Where have you been all my life??]
My mom gets every catalog ever published sent to her house for some reason.
Let's just say, I fell in love with it.  I love their style and uniqueness.
We had to buy a crib [Tar-jay] because I got rid of the boys crib when Charlie was done with it...
My mom and I found this cool table at an antique store on Magazine Street in New Orleans last summer.  
We brought it home with glass shelves in it.
I thought it would be way cooler if it had wood shelves in it!
My friend, Nikki, has this husband who is super handy with woodworking and built these for me :)
Nikki did the distressing and paint job on it.
I think it looks amazing.
[many thanks to Nikki and Dan, the Man.]

The drapery panels were the last thing that I purchased.
I was running out of $$$,
Let me rephrase that...
I ran out of $$$ way before these curtains, but a girl's gotta have some sort of window coverings on her windows so I found a way!

.......found these white and green polka dot panels at PBK.
I think they go great with the colors :)

For some reason I kept my changing table that we had bought for Jackson.  It's from PBK and is still in great shape.  I had the baskets from Jackson and Charlie but ordered some personalized girl liners to go in them.

Sorry the lighting is so bad in these.  
I haven't figured out the secret to all that yet.
The pink is really a very pale pink.  
It's not pepto bismol pink as it appears here....

Bought this butterfly mobile at PBK a couple of weeks ago on clearance.
I love it!!

Hopefully it won't freak baby girl out because the air vent blows on it and the butterflies come to life :)

We had to keep this bed in the nursery for visiting moms and guests.  
I think it will also come in handy during those nighttime feedings.
We didn't have room in here for a glider, so the bed will have to do for now.
I had all the white bedding beforehand, so I just reused it.
My Grandma Reeger quilted the blanket on the bed.  
It is the perfect match :)
She does this for all of her great-grandchildren.
It's something I always look forward to receiving :)
Baby Girl will be #10 for her!
Then she'll be getting another one in December from Chelsea!

Ok, a chandelier was a requirement for baby girl's room.
I've ALWAYS said if I had a girl she was going to get a chandelier in her room.
Perhaps this stems from me always wanting one as a little girl [and never getting one, thanks mom]  
Just kidding, sort of.  not really.

So I saved my $$ and found one that worked perfectly.
It's pale, pale pink.
I added the ceiling medallion and cord cover to up the fancy-ness factor :)
This chandelier caused a major fight between my husband and me.
He didn't understand why the existing ceiling fan couldn't suffice.
He told me to take it back.
I told him no.
He hung it for me two weeks ago.
He said he really liked it.....

There you go :)

The iron headboard is actually two antique gates that I hung overlapping to create a headboard. 
It was something that we had already had prior and I really like them so they stayed.
Baby girl has a doll and pink jee jee's waiting for her
[as Charlie calls them].
He has tried to take that rabbit lookin' thingy there on the right to bed with him on several occasions....
all failed attempts.

Her closet has been fun to organize. 
I think we've got one of everything Tar-jay has in their baby aisles :)
I'm telling ya,  I'm sooooo ready for this baby!
I made the ribbon bow hanger [super easy]!  But now realizing I should have made it longer...

Does anyone have a Moby wrap/sling?
I bought one and am hoping I am smart enough to figure out how it works.

This isn't even the HALF of her clothes, people.
I'm gonna have to change her clothes three times a day just to say she's worn everything!
I appreciate all the mommas who have given me their great hand-me-downs too.  
Such a blessing when you're starting with nothing!

Mirror shot at 37 weeks and 3 days.
By the way,  I waddle now.

Ok, I fiddled with repositioning these photos at the top and failed so they're coming in last even though they should be first :(

Lana and Charlie tackled the paint job one day when Jackson was at school and I was out running errands.

He may or may not have been more of a hindrance than a help to Lana...

After she painted 3 walls pale pink [Benjamin Moore "Elephant Pink"]  we tackled the feature wall.
This design was featured in the Serena and Lily catalog.
They had painted wood floors white and stenciled this design around the border of the nursery.
It was super cute.
But I wasn't about to go painting some wood floors white...
so we put it up on the wall!

It was a tedious job.
It was back breaking [for me] laying on the floor with a "Laser" and Lana penciling in a straight line.
But we got it done :)
Where there's a will....there's a way!

She did a fantastic job of taping and painting [Benjamin Moore "Wales Green"] and doing two more coats.
We were so nervous to take off the blue painters tape.
It ended up perfect :)

I don't have any artwork on the walls yet.
I think we're going to stencil her monogram in the middle of the feature wall once we figure out what we're going to call her besides baby girl.
My talented, artistic, previously mentioned above, friend, Nikki, is also painting some artwork to hang above her crib.
Can't wait to see those!
Can't wait to see baby!

Thanks for joining me on my little tour.
Hope you enjoyed :)