Sunday, July 29, 2012

Georgia's First Birthday!

Birthday cake from Publix.....if she were my first child, this wouldn't even be an option.   ha!
She wasn't feelin' the chintzy highchair decorations....
Where is my cake?!
ahh...there it is!
much better :)
Don't mind if I do....
smash cakes are so fun!
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Sugar is kickin' in right about here...
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Well, that was it's off to the tub!
And time for presents!
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A new baby doll!
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Jackson and I were having a serious Dance Party 3 competition...
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Georgia got in on the action...this girl loves to dance.
Wonder where she gets that from!
We got all dolled up and went outside the next morning for a little photo shoot!
I love this face :)
Does my butt look big?

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Happy birthday to my sweet prisser :)

We had a fun weekend in Destin at my mom's.
Lots of swimming and beach time.

Georgia, you are growing up too fast. 
I love you and I love watching you change everyday.
You make all of us smile :)

Friday, July 13, 2012

All About Georgia...

Is there anything more sweet than a sleeping baby? 
I could seriously take her picture all day.
She sprawls out and flips around when she sleeps.
And her sweet baby toes.
I could eat them. 
Breakfast with her leg hiked up.
This is how she prefers it. 
11 months old!
She's running all over the place and terrorizing her brothers.
She is into everything.
Loves to play with her kitchen.
Loves to get into the kids utensil drawer and tote spoons and forks around wherever she trots.
We have to keep ALL doors shut.
She's been caught playing in the cat food in Lana's room,
caught climbing the boys ladder to their bunkbeds,
caught with her paws on the toilet [yuck],
and the litter box is in the laundry room...
you get the idea.
ALL doors shut.

She got a shiner at the gym.
Some punk kid threw a wooden block and hit her in the eye.
Poor Baby. 
Her cousin, Emma, gave her a new purse.
She puts her little trinkets inside and carries it around, taking them out and putting them back in.
I love watching her do this. 
Some day she just likes to attach her little self to my legs.
She looks up at me and without speaking can say, "Hold me, Mamma"
It's amazing.
How can I say no to this face?
I find her most of the time in the little ball pit at the gym.
She just got moved out of the "infant" room and into pre-tots room.
She has made the transition well.
It's a loud room.
She loves it. 
If she's not in the ball pit, she's usually having a snack with some of her gym friends!

She's getting soooo big.
Big #1 is next..

Sunday, July 8, 2012

July 4th in Destin

What a fun week this was with our Cagle cousins!!
These 7 cuties are 3rd cousins :)
They played soooo well together!

All of our families gathered at my mom's house on July 4th for a day of reconnecting, swimming, eating, drinking, laughing and ending with fireworks!
The day didn't have enough hours in it if you ask me :(
My mom took Charlie with her to pic up Beau and his girlfriend, Ryan at the airport.
They killed some time and Charlie got to tour this cool Army helicopter! 
Getting some much needed Uncle Beau time! 
Cindra knows how to throw a party!
We set up this fun kids table by the pool, complete with goodie bags, underwater cameras, juiceboxe and snacks.
What else does a kid need? 
Lady Liberty herself :) 
This one is my favorite!
She's such a poser :) 
Georgia getting sand up all in her crevices...
She loves it! 
Beau Beau and Ryan  
Beau and cousin Scott...
these two goobers got into lots of trouble back in the day! 
#346455 why I love Destin.
Look at that WATER!!
the beach was absolutely perfect this week.
Georgia and Charlie had no complaints either :) 
We loaded up in the golfcart one night and headed to dinner at Tommy Bahamas.
fun stuff!
I miss hanging out with my brother! 
I initiated a Dance Party 3 competition.
I have never been beaten.
By anyone.
Until Ms. Ryan comes along....
She certainly gave me a run for my money.
Yep, she beat me..

Until next time, Ms. Hestilow......

I left my reigns and watched these three go at it...hilarious. 
These manly men fished off the dock a lot.
Of course, a mandatory Bass Pro store run was in order....
While the men fished, the women lunched!
Mom, me, Lana & Ryan went to Vintij Wine Boutique
[our favorite]
and wined and dined, then hit up the OFF SAKS outlet!
It was a REALLY fun afternoon! 
James and I snuck off after dinner one night to the beach to watch the sunset.
It was wonderful :)
Excuse the purple teeth :0 
This is what walks through the door after a typical Bass Pro Store excursion.
"Hi Charlie.  What time does your rig pull out?"
You can't see it but he's also eating beef jerky.

This kid can house some strawberries.
He loves them.
I will wash a carton of them and lay them out on a paper towel on the counter.
He will walk by and grab one and pop it into his mouth all day long.
Love him!

What a fun week...
I wish I had half the pictures my cousin, Melanie, took!
I certainly slacked this week.
Happy Fourth!