Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Jackson's 6th Birthday!

Happy Birthday to Jackson!
Jackson had a very busy week with lots of visitors!
His Nonna came to see him the week of his actual birthday.
Jackson wanted to go to the Hibachi for his birthday dinner.

[Can someone explain to me how to make pics I take on my phone appear bigger when I upload them to iphoto??]

...and I think he thoroughly enjoyed himself.
He dressed himself...
and ate everything on his plate and his Nonna's plate.
He loves Hibachi!
[I do too!]
Look at that belly!

That pic was out of order, but we're going to just go with it...hey, at least I'm blogging!
We came home from dinner and got quick baths and ate some yummy birthday cake.
My mom looks scared?

Who needs a fork?!

I asked Jackson if he wanted to bring a special snack for his classroom the day of his birthday and he said he wanted cupcakes and oreos.
I researched some recipes and found Oreo Cupcakes.
Sorry I don't have a pic I took, but here's one from the website.
My mom and I made them after the boys went to bed Tuesday night.
They were so yum.


We saw my mom off on Thursday and Friday afternoon another shipment of visitors arrived for the weekend.
I think Jackson is loved :)

We decided with all these fun visitors in town we should have a CRAWFISH BOIL!
Grandma Reeger enjoyed hers!

Another tiny pic that I can't seem to make larger...
These crawfish were huge!
We ended up boiling about 115 pounds!

James did a great job!
We put all kinds of yummy vegetables in our boil.
Sausage, corn, artichokes, mushrooms [my personal fav] and potatoes...

we did have some leftovers.
But surprisingly, most of it got eaten!

Thank you to everyone who came and pitched in.
It was the perfect night for a boil.
Let's do it again soon :)


The Weekend!

Friday afternoon James' mom, Jo Ann and Zach came to visit for the weekend and so did my Dad.
I was browsing the internet to find something fun for us to all do Saturday morning and thought taking everyone to a gator ranch would be just the thing.
Insta-Gator Ranch was only 4 or 5 miles down the road from us too!
We loaded up and scheduled the 11 am tour.

Our tour guide letting all the kids touch the alligator.
They're actually very soft.

Charlie needing to keep his distance in the safe arms of Granddaddy.

One of the pools of alligators just waiting to get bigger so they could release them back into the wild. We got to watch them eat a live mouse.
Exciting stuff I tell ya..

This guy wanted me to take his picture with his alligator. He was an employee and I seriously think he came straight off the set of The Water Boy or Swamp People.....haha

He was soaked with alligator water by the time he was done. He had so much fun. Everytime a baby would swim by, he'd drop the one he had in his hand and snatch the next one up.

This one was a little apprehensive...
Notice the biting of the lip, like, um, yeah, I'm ready to go home and watch nick jr. and eat some goldfish mom....

He was man handling this babies!
It was so funny to watch him.
Future Insta-Gator employee perhaps!

Jackson, Dad, Zach, Me and Charlie.
At the end of the tour and ready for some lunch!
This was a fun experience for the kids.
Very informational.
I think I now know everything there is to know now about the Louisiana alligator
And I think I've already forgotten....

This year Jackson wanted his birthday party at the bowling alley.
That's easy enough :)

What an easy birthday party this was this year!
We showed up with a cake from the grocery store and we've got an instant party on our hands!
I'm gonna have to do this more often.
The kids had did the grown ups. They were bowling in the next lane over :)

waiting for the balls to return...

Grandma Reeger and Me

Blowing out his birthday cake.
He said he wanted a Bowling Cake this year.
I opted out of making his cake this year....and I'm glad I did.
What a long week!

Grandma Reeger was in town visiting Richard and Dana's new baby so she got to join in on the festivities! I hate that it's a blurry pic!

A group picture but we're missing some kids! It's hard to get everyone together at once...

Jackson had so much fun at his bowling party.
We had such a busy week celebrating his birthday.
Happy Birthday to my sweet Jackson who is getting so big everyday. Not only with the funny things he says but his demeanor is changing.
The temper tantrums are starting to subside [whew!] and he's becoming a more socially interactive person. He's always be so shy around other people.
Jackson loves working outside with his Daddy.
Jackson loves to ride his scooter and boss his little brother around....
He loves to play baseball.
He loves school!
His teacher, Ms. Wolfe, told me on Tuesday that her and all the other Kindergarten teachers have a nickname for Jackson. Apparently, he's known as "The Ladies Man" on the playground. Ha! She said, "Jackson's always got at least 8 girls chasing him around the playground and he just loves it."
His favorite foods are pizza, asparagus, corn, meatballs and chicken nuggets. His favorite snacks are graham crackers with peanut butter and the occasional Menchie's fro yo :)

Love you big boy :)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

ASE Mardi Gras Parade

This is a post about Jackson's Kindergarten Mardi Gras Parade.
So you're wondering why this mug is posted all over the place?

Because he's a special one....
Because he's the little brother...
Because he's the spectator.

Here's the other spectator waiting for the parade to start.
Buddies, is what they are :)

Wasting time with the camera.
Making funny faces.
Nice double chin son.
You look like your mama right now.

Once the parade began, they turned the camera from themselves to the reason they came out to this fun event.
[I was walking with Jackson in the parade, hence the reason Lana was snapping pictures].

There we are!
This was a really cute parade.
All of the kindergarten classes were assigned an animal and dressed up as the animal.
As you can see, Jackson's class were all zebras!
That's me behind Jackson stealing the Starburst out of his classmates bags and eating them.
I'm pregnant.
No excuse other than that :)
Having so much fun!
That's Jackson's teacher, Ms. Wolfe, right behind him all decked out in her zebra garb.
She's a WONDERFUL teacher and I am so happy that Jackson has her this year.
She makes learning fun!

We didn't know this cute little lion cub, but isn't she the cutest thing??
Love their costumes!
Their class was special because they got to ride in a trailor pulled by a 4-wheeler.
Ms. Wolfe's class had to hoof it.
Looks like Charlie made out pretty well!
[I think he's got some Starburst in his chubby little cheeks too....]

Throw me something mister!!!

Lots of fun.
It was all over in an hour and only a mile from our house.
How fun.
Happy Mardi Gras!!