Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Our January. In 40 pics or less :)

[I] am glad the holidays are over.
It gets kinda hectic with family all over the place and traveling with three kids, etc.
But we do it because we love our families :)

After Christmas in Destin, we stayed the weekend for New Years.
Here we're bundled up and taking a golf cart ride to the beach! 
It was pretty cold.
Of course, my boys didn't think so and ended up in the sea. 
My kids and me  at my favorite place.....the beach. 
The sun was setting and my iphone camera was struggling.
Oh well. 
Jackson and Charlie in the sea.
with frost bitten toes.
I'm sure. 
Back home, Georgia was sitting up in her crib! 
Later that day she opted for a nap on the couch :) 
One beautiful Saturday in January, while James was on a hunting trip, I loaded up the kids and we went to the Audubon Zoo with some friends.
Georgia enjoyed her stroller ride.
And the boys, their friends!
Found these two monkeys in the tree.... 
Jackson asked me to take a picture of him and text it to his Daddy.
This was his pose.
hee hee 
The kids all got Steelers garb for Christmas from their Nonna and Poppa.
We were hoping they could wear them until February 5....but that just didn't happen ;(
Maybe next year! 
one word:  Dangerous.
They think they can full out tackle each other with these helmets on.
Charlie looks like he's ready to bust someone up.

Jackson lost a front tooth!
This was a big one!
I love that toothless smile :) 
Georgia getting crazy with her sweet potatoes!
This girl loves to eat! 
So, I have cut Charlie's hair up all his life....
Up until one Saturday in January when I decided it was "time"
I had heard of a new kids salon that does all things fun for kiddos so I was keeping my fingers crossed that Charlie would take the bait and let someone other than myself give him a real cut.
The airplane chair did it.
He sat perfectly still and got a real haircut!
He was watching Toy Story on his own personal tv, in his airplane with working steering wheel... 
finished product!
Now if I can just get over the fact that they charge $15 for a kids haircut I'll be good!
Or, I'll just keep cutting his hair at home....
He doesn't seem to mind the bowl cut, ya know? 
Georgia couldn't believe that Charlie would let someone other than his mamma cut his hair.
She even threw in a celebratory drip of drool!
Thanks lady! 
We haven't worn this bow out in public.
It's rather....large.
I purchased it when I had just found out that I was having a girl and must have been thinking to myself, "Self, go out and find the largest headband with the largest pink flower on it for my baby girl.  Cause I'm having a baby girl and baby girls wear large headbands with even larger flowers on them"
Don't get me wrong.
I love me a headband.
The first one was just rather large for Miss Ga and her petite little head that she has.. 
She loves her babydoll!
And I love this picture :) 
Does my butt look big?
I think she's outgrown the bumbo chair.
I loved the bumbo. 
Georgia and Champ's relationship has blossomed.
He lets her grab at his jowls and occasionally poke an eye, or tug at an ear...
in return she'll let him sneak in a lick on the face when I'm not looking.

I can put her in her walker and she will book it around the house looking for him then ram into him full force.
He just stands up and moves to another corner.
or to somewhere where she can see him but not reach him.
yeah, that really gets her diaper in a wad :) 
My MIL came to visit one weekend.
The weather was beautiful and James just up and decided he was going to landscape the front beds and  put in irrigation  [yesssssss no more standing in the front yard early in the mornings, in my ripped up shorts and holey tshirts, also known as my pajamas, pointing the hose at my pathetic plants in the dead of summer when it's already 98 degrees out at 7 am!!!]

Anyways, we took lawnchairs and a blanket out in the front yard to keep him company while he worked.
Lana decided it was time for Georgia's first pedicure!
Finished product!
Look at those cute little tootsies!!!
I wanna eat em up! 
Look at Miss Thang posing with her hand on her thigh...hahahaha
She's like,"excuse me?  I'm in the middle of chewing on my toy and trying to keep my brother from swiping it from me...." 
My girl turned 6 months old on the 25th!
She is sleeping through the night.
Eating baby food like a champ.
Still taking a bottle every 3 hours or so during the day.
sitting up.
starting to crawl.
she makes this hilarious snort sound.
It sounds like she's snorting nose spray up her nose and she does it when she gets excited.
so funny.
she loves her pacifier.
No teeth!
Not even a sign of them!
Drool machine!
She weighed 17.12 pounds at her check up! 
all squeaky clean after her bath :) 
James and I got a night out on the town and went to a friend's wedding across the lake.
My husband is handsome.
Thank you.
Sisters again!
awful awful iphone flashes!
You ruin everything! 
We came home from the wedding rather late and I walked into the boys room to check on them.
This is what I found.
I snapped this pic and showed it to him the next morning.
He looked at it in disbelief.
Like, how could someone take my picture and I not know it?
ya play hard, ya sleep hard :) 
Me and the hubby again.
As you can tell, this one was NOT taken with my iphone.
Tony, the master photographer, took this at the 40th birthday party he threw for his wife, Tracey :) 
There's the birthday girl right there in the middle...can't believe she is 40!
Doesn't look a day over 21!! 
Georgia got a little crazy and worn my napkin on her head.
Biker chick look works for her, no? 
More sister shots :)
I look OLD in this pic.
Bad Tony.
I go to BSF [Bible Study Fellowship] class every Wednesday morning and am able to take Charlie and Georgia with me.
It is an amazing in depth bible study made up of women of all ages.
I truly enjoy it.
Charlie goes to his own kids class while I go to mine.
Last Wednesday the kids performed Holy, Holy, Holy for all of us in the sanctuary.
This isn't a great picture because I'm sitting in the back and yes, it was taken with my iphone....ha.
See Charlie?  He's just to the right of the lady in the tan jacket in the middle.
He sang his heart out....so sweet and innocent hearing small children sing.
I love it.
and I love all the BSF teaches my little man.
Georgia got a new outfit at Target and wanted me to take her picture.
She did!
Told me so :) 
Nonna sent new sweaters..
I call them church sweaters.
We had to seize the moment before church and snap a photo.

later that day the boys were out back digging in a mud puddle with their "workin' clothes" on, as they call them.
Jackson asked Charlie to go inside and bring him a sweatshirt because he was cold.
I witnessed Charlie drag Jackson's "church sweater" outside to give to his brother.

I am so glad that one didn't get past me! [lots does, just sayin']
I said, "that's a church sweater, not a workin sweater!!"

I swear.
And my blog would not be complete without a Gilmore infant riding on their Daddy's lawnmower.
.....you might be a redneck if...
ok, ok.
I embrace it.
after fighting it for SO LONG.
we do clean up nice though!