Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Arkansas and Christmas tree shopping

We went to James' mom's house for Thanksgiving in Arkansas. James went duck hunting every morning and this is Jackson showing off Daddy's "kill."

Grandma and Charlie rocking.
This is Charlie's new hat that Nanna got him! We got the kids all bundled up last night to go Christmas tree hunting. Long story short...we drove around Mississippi for about 2 hours looking for a Christmas tree farm that wasn't even open this year. So we aborted that mission and went to the local Home Depot and found a great tree already bundled up for us to take home and make our own. At least both of the kids slept in the car the WHOLE time we drove around! That was kinda peaceful. James and I listened to Christmas music and actually had a chance to talk. Christmas tree pictures to follow...
Jackson's ready to go Christmas tree hunting. The kids and I are all sick. blah. We've got the whole congestion, respiratory, ear infection thing going on. So that's been a load of fun.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

the beach in November

We had the priviledge of going to Pensacola for four days this past week. My Aunt Mary and her kids, Annie, Paul & Molly and my Aunt Janet and the boys and myself were spoiled with a beautiful beach house and view. Here Jackson shows his seashell finds on the beach. He had so much fun.
Molly, Jackson and Paul digging in the sand. The tide had created a three foot drop off right where the waves came in. It was the weirdest thing to see.
Molly and Jackson running on the beach. Jackson slept so well at the beach. Guess that's because he was worn out from playing and running all day long and playing with his cousins! It was the perfect time to be at the beach. There was no one else on the beach! We felt like we had our own private beach! And the weather was amazing. Cool in the morning and evenings but warm during the day. Jackson finally got in the ocean on the third day. He was scared of it at first.
Rise and shine...we enjoyed the sunrise and sunset each day. What a beautiful sight!
Don't know why this picture is so small...put your glasses on mom.
Jackson and Charlie taking a siesta...which we enjoyed everyday. I kept the sliding door open in my room all day and all night. The sound of the waves makes for some awesome sleeping!
Aunt Mary and Charlie.
I wish I could wake up every morning and see this out my window!
This was our beach house. It was HUGE. It had an elevator in it so guess what Jackson did all the time. Every bedroom has it's own door to the deck outside. It couldn't have been a better place to stay. Thanks so much Aunt Mary!!!

Friday, November 9, 2007

little funnies

I can't help it....he's sooooo cute!!! And he's got my blue eyes!
I was trying to make dinner and make sure Jackson didn't try to pick up Charlie and make sure Jackson didn't fall off the counter (like he did the night before)...
Seriously, the kid can't even read yet. He got this from his father. I believe he's reading my SELF magazine. Question: why does it take guys so much longer to "go" than girls in the bathroom? Even 2 year olds! I can fold an entire load of laundry AND unload the dishwasher before that kid is done going #2!! Hey Jackson, could you please go to the bathroom so I can put your brother down for his nap??
We were making dinner last night and Jackson said "butta is betta" (we were putting butter in the broccoli) and I laughed so hard.

We play the guessing game now..."Jackson, guess who's coming to see you today?" His first response is always Lana. Then he'll say Nana, and when I say no, he'll say "we go on airpwane?? to airport?" The kid loves airplanes. He will make believe there are airplanes flying in the house and say "Mommy, look! Look at that airpwane way up up in de sky!!" Of course there's no airplanes in my house, but sometimes I do do a doubletake....

Jackson bit the inside of his mouth (when he fell off the counter the other night). So now he's got this sore in his mouth that ketchup, salt, etc. sting when he eats. He was screaming cause something he ate was burning it and he asked for a bandaid. I tried to explain to him that a bandaid doesn't go in his mouth. He didn't understand me and continued to harass me for a bandaid...so I gave him one. Yeah, hope that works out for you kiddo...

Charlie's probably thinking, "Mom, seriously, I thought you loved me. I'm really feeling a little nervous. Put me back in YOUR arms!!" Jackson is thinking, "ok, hmmm, why won't that stinkin bandaid stick in my mouth???"

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

odds and ends

Charlie napping in his swing. If I'm lucky he'll nap in there and I can make dinner at the same time. Sometimes it works out for me and sometimes it doesn't...Now does this look like a two month old to you?
Jackson and I have been busy this past week potty training! Here he's showing the camera his big boy underwear. I love his little bum in them! It's so cute! We haven't ventured beyond the house with the underwear. I'm too scared he'll pee in the car seat and that would just undo me. So we use pull ups for the trips away from home and for schoool. We've had three accidents in the past week. Not too bad...but I don't know how to handle him when he does have an accident...What do the experts say???
This was bathtime last night and it's my FAVORITE picture of Charlie so far. He's changing so much, and that smile puts a smile on my face even on the tough days. He went for his two month checkup and weighed 15 pounds! 5 more pounds and he'll be out of his baby car seat...that's crazy!
We're going to have to work on that double chin!

Things have been pretty uneventful around here (besides the potty training) so I feel like I don't have much to say. Guess I'm not in the talkative mood. And Charlie just started crying so I'll just leave you with the pics.