Monday, August 30, 2010

Charlie Beckett is 3!

My sweet little man is three today.
All day long he asked for cake.

He's got a major sweet tooth like his mama.
I call him "my little sweet potato" [in reference to Toy Story 2, I do the voice of Mrs. Potato Head and everything]
He replies with, "I not your lil sweet totato".
I say, "oh yes you are..."
he says, "oh no i not"

Speaking of Toy Story 2....someone is a fan.
He watches this movie every chance he gets.
When I ask what movie he would like to watch, this is his reply.

He's a big fan of buzz lampyear.

I think it's so funny when he hurts himself and will come to me and say, "Mommy, I hurt meself"...
arghhhhhhh matey!


When I tell him I love him, his reply is, "I love you mommy, more, more, more, more, more"..this can go on for a solid minute....
so cute :)

He refuses to potty train. I mean, he's never sat on the toilet. He's terrified of it! We've even tried to bribe him with candy, animals, a trip to the toy store where he can pick out ANYTHING he wants....nothing is working for this kid.
[Suggestions would be highly appreciated]

Tonight we took him to eat his birthday dinner at Houston's.
My sister works there and she happened to be working tonight, so she got to sing Happy Birthday to him too.
It was a really yummy dinner and the kids are learning to behave more and more in a nice restaurant.
Except when Charlie launched his fork across the room.
and when he threw his napkin across to the other table beside us...
oh and when he took his straw out of his lemonade and blew it in my face.
that was lovely.
but other than that,
lovely dinner...really.
Aunt Lana brought out this yummy warm apple pie with ice cream.
The General Manager of the restaurant came to our table and personally asked Charlie what he would like for dessert.
This is what he chose.
[good choice chuck]
His face when we [including waiters/waitresses] were belting out Happy Birthday to him...
...too cool!
Going in for the blowout...
and this is about as good as it gets for a Gilmore Family pic.
Lana refused to get in our picture.

Happy Birthday to my sweet boy.
I love you too much.

Friday, August 20, 2010

First Day of School!

I'm the proud owner of a Preschooler and Kindergartener!
Charlie started his first day of preschool on August 10.
[goes to show you how much of a slacker mom I am in the blog world...]
He goes to school on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9-1 pm.

He loves school!
His first day I walked him into his classroom and he ran over to the playdough table sat down.
Meanwhile, I felt bad for some of the moms [and dads] whose children were having a bit of separation anxiety!
Thanks Charlie for making that moment much less emotional for the both of us!

Then my big boy started kindergarten on August 17th!
He was super excited! Up early, getting dressed, backpack on an HOUR before we left for school....
He wanted to ride the bus to school on his first day of school, but I insisted on taking him....
after that day, I promised he could ride the bus to school.
We decided I would pick him up from school since the bus doesn't drop off at our house after school until 4:45!
That would make for a long day!
My boys getting ready to leave!
Jackson has to wear a uniform to school. [which I think is a GREAT idea]
white or navy shirts and khaki or navy shorts.
He can also wear the school t-shirt we bought at his school.

Someone was being a punk and didn't want to smile for the camera.
I had to do some tickling....
...and ended up with this forced smile. Oh well.

Just for the record: Yes, I shed a tear after I dropped Jackson off on his first day.
It was an emotion I hadn't experienced before. I mean, he's been going to preschool for the past 3 years, but for some reason, this time, it was different.
He was going to BIG school. Riding the bus. Eating in a cafeteria. Bringing home homework.
....and this is just the beginning!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Before and After

Hi, it's me....still alive. Just been busy moving, painting, organizing, getting kids started off to school....July and August have been a busy month!

I wanted to share this awesome find I found at our local donation center. The store is called Habitat for Humanity Donation Center. [guessing the proceeds go towards the Habitat for Humanity Organization?]
Anyways, they have EVERYTHING. You name it, someone has dropped it off as a donation.

I decided I wanted a dresser for my closet. Last time I checked, dressers were expensive....

sooooooo....I found this beauty
[well, she's a beauty now that I got my hands on her]

and for only $50.

It's previous owner had plastered skateboarding stickers all over the side.
It's previous owners had spray painted the brass handles black...
After some sanding,
two coats of primer,
two coats of Behr ultra white in satin....

and my very first attempt at Antique Glazing....
This is what I got! I ordered new pulls online [wanted glass ones, but couldn't find any in the odd size of the holes so I settled for brushed nickel].

I also took an old mirror that I had and did the same treatment to it so they would match nicely in my closet!
[sorry the lighting is so natural light in my closet]
This dresser is heavy and sturdy and I love all the details of it :)
I'm wondering if I overdid it on the Antique Glaze?
Jackson said it looks dirty....
I just didn't want a stark white dresser.
What do you think?

Next project....PAINT the closets.

Anyone want to help?

Anyone? Tap, Tap, this thing on?