Friday, August 24, 2012

snapshots in august

We are having some awesome evenings on the back patio... 
This happy little lady loves to be outside! 
I bought a pack of those polybands....we're experimenting with pigtails :) 
she can totally pull them off! 
a one legged lady! 
serious GA pose 
the kids Halloween costumes came in the mail...
Hooves were all she wanted out of her sheep costume 
Daddy brought her a flower at breakfast and she wore it in her hair :) 
Got a new little Canon camera....experimenting. 
flash is no bueno. 
My little cuties!
Hang on to that gut, Jackson! 
Why can't they be this cooperative and cute for Gilmore Family Christmas Card?? 
silly kids.
I love you!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Back to School....

Bear with me...these few photos are out of order...

Look at these cute brothers!!
Charlie's first day of Kindergarten!

Can't tell that he was SUPER excited!

[I think he was more excited to ride the bus]
although, this mamma insisted on driving him to school on his first day and walking him to his classroom!
He woulda been fine hopping on that bus...but not me :( 
Ok, it totally looks like I ironed his elastic khaki shorts...I promise I did not!
I just folded them lengthwise and hey, he got a fancy crease down the front! 
These two dudes are complete opposites.
I love them equally. 
My big Kindergartner and me.
Where oh where does the time go? 
It was back to school night for this big 2nd grader and Moi insisted on a new haircut!
Dad does a great "free" job right in our own backyard! 
Jackson's first day of 2nd grade! 
He had a super fun summer and lost LOTS of teeth!
He was excited to go back to school!

I pray they both have a wonderful school year and are blessed with great teachers.

Monday, August 6, 2012

NYC Girls....

So my cousin, Stephanie, is opening a shoe boutique at the end of the month!  She asked me to jump on board!
This is right up my alley!
How could I say no!
I mean, I actually get to use my degree!

This means we go to NYC about 4 times a year!
Yes Please!!

We took Emma with us this time.  She is Stephanie's 9 year old daughter, whom the store is named after :)

We are always super busy taxi-ing from one appointment or showroom to the next but we do get to squeeze in some fun time :)

Times Square above: 
Guess I was feeling extra cute on this day.

Green shorts = sassy, maybe? 
Getting ready to head into a fabulous showroom.
Sigerson Morrison.
Beautiful shoes! 
Dining al fresco lunch. 
Emma :) 
Emma resting her weary feet at our next showroom.
She was a trooper!
We dragged her all over NYC! 
...and she dragged us all the way to the top of the Empire State Building one night.
It took us 2 hours to get up there!

Hope it was worth it, Emma! 
Mommy and daughter at our favorite restaurant in NYC.
ABC Kitchen.
solo pic again...
this never happens! 
It looks like we're in a dungeon.
Actually, we are in a basement.
La Esquina in SoHo.
YUM authentic Mexican.
You have to have a reservation to get down here.
There's even a secret door on the inside that goes down the dark steps to the hideaway! 
My first photo with one of our designers and I have to go and close my eyes!!!
Meet Gillian.
Maker of beautiful jewelry :) 
Meet Barbara.
Maker of more beautiful jewelry.
I was welcomed home with a handmade sign on the door!

Seems some small people miss me while I'm gone.
I am very grateful to my husband and M-I-L who help out tremendously while I am jaunting off to NYC every couple of months!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Decatur Visit--Long Overdue

The weekend before school starts I had promised my Grandmother Cagle we would come and visit.
We usually go every Easter to Decatur and this year we went to Destin to my mom's because a bunch of PA family was going to be there... it wasn't until August that we made it to Decatur. 
My sweet 92 year old Grandmother had never met Georgia Mae.
Georgia is named after this precious woman.
Mae Lenese Cagle

She has always gone by "Lenese" as long as I've known her.
I have never heard anyone call her Mae.
I love Mae.
and Georgia Mae had a beautiful ring to it :) 
My Grandmother doesn't cook anymore..
During one of our weekly phone conversations she casually said, "I am getting so sick of canned soup."
It literally broke my heart.

Instantly an idea popped into my head as to what I would be doing when we went to visit her.
I cooked all day on Saturday and completely stocked her freezer.
Ravioli and Zucchini Lasagna
Chicken Noodle Soup
Chicken Spaghetti

Chicken Tetrazzini

We ran out of room in her refrigerator freezer so we had to put some in my Dad's freezer.
She was soooooo excited.
And so thankful.
I received a thank you note in the mail from her the following week we got home.
Such an easy task of cooking for me became such a burden for her and her arthritic hands.
I was more than happy to help her.
I wish I lived closer to her, I would bring her hot meals daily. 
My Dad hadn't seen Ga since she was born, so this was a treat for him too. 
It took the Lady a few hours to warm up to the man. 
But once she did, all was well. 
All Smiles! 
So was he... 
the kiddos with their Grandaddy Cagle 
I'm so happy that my kids know their great-grandmother.
I love this woman to death.
She has always held a special place in my heart. 
We rarely come visit, but when we do, she welcomes my rowdy bunch with open arms.
They are never too loud or crazy for her....
She loves watching them play and get the occasional hug as one is passing by her recliner. 
4 generations. 
Jackson and my Dad's terrified dog.

The dog was certainly glad we had a short visit!