Friday, December 30, 2011

Tony Christmas Pics 2011

Introducing the Gilmore Family Christmas Card 2011
Someday when I'm old and my kids are off to college and they refuse to partake in the Gilmore Family Christmas Card, I'll first cry.......
Then, I'll pull out my mom card and force my twentysomething year olds to put on coordinating Gap sweaters and pop a squat with me and their old man.

I guarantee that the old man won't be able to sit like that and not need help getting up off the ground.
I also guarantee that I won't have hair that long.  
Nor will those boots still be in style....I'm getting off subject here...

.......It'll happen.
I promise.
Back to what I was going to say in the first place.
I will make a post of ALLLLL the Gilmore Family Christmas Card pics and we can all tear up about how fast everyone has grown over the years. [after all, that's what kids do, I hear.....]
.....and it will be cool.
Brace yo' self for some serious cuteness.
I know, I know....right?

Enough already with the cuteness, you say? 
There's more.
He is a ham.
I felt like we were entering a Gap modeling shoot when the camera was whipped out! 
Last one of this handsome little guy.
He shocked us to say the least.
Last year we got no good shots of Mr. Charlie Beckett.
He wouldn't have any of it last year.
This year...well, he definitely earned his pack of Skittles! 
My sweet kiddos :)
They are ALL growing too fast.
I can't keep Jackson in clothes or shoes that fit him right now.
He is getting so tall.
Charlie is a short stack of pure muscle.
He doesn't stop running.
Georgia is long and lean.
Her footed jammies are not allowing her to fully stretch out when she sleeps....ooops and ha!
Moving on to this good lookin' lad!
He's always been good for the camera.
Oh yes, there's more!
Posing even!
On his own!
He's so handsome :) 
Here's my lady and me :)
Trying to get her to look at the camera was near impossible this year!
I should have copied her and we could have pulled off the "looking off into the distance at something that we are pretending to be interested in" pose.
Either way.
It works right?

Thanks again to my super talented, with a freakin' awesome camera, friend, Tony.

Christmas in Destin 2011

We came home from Christmas in Arkansas and 2 days later packed up...again...and drove to Destin to have Christmas with my mom and Lana.
[Georgia was laying in the Florida sun] 
We made dinner one night and opened up Christmas gifts with each other.
Lana had flown to Baltimore to be with my mom for actual Christmas while we Gilmores were in Arkansas.
Then Lana and Mom flew to N.O. and mom and I drove to Destin on Tuesday afternoon.
Lana and James came on Thursday. 

Those are Aunt Lana's green legs and that is a mischevious Charlie getting into the Christmas presents early.
Notice he is shaking the gifts.
Georgia got a musical book and it kept her occupied the rest of the evening! 

Charlie got a Cars 2 airplane from Uncle Beau and Ryan, whom we missed very much! 
This is a horrible and blurry pic.
I got Apple Tv.
Guess you could say I was excited :) 
Mom got a scarf! 
and Jackson long legs got a field goal so he can continue playing endless hours of backyard football with his bro. 
Grandkids canvas :)
I think she liked it! 
My little Steelers player!

I did a really bad job of taking pictures this year.
[as you can tell...]

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas 2011

The Gilmore Kids and the Gilmore Christmas tree!
At least Georgia is looking at the camera this time...
remember Thanksgiving pic? haha.
We went with tall and skinny this year..
Christmas tree, that is :) 
Georgia really gets around good in her walker now! 
Our Elf "Snelf" had lots of tricks up his sleeve this year.... 
Found this cute idea on Pinterest [my new obsession] and made them for Jackson's class!
He helped me and there was NO baking involved.
Even better! 
The boys got a good giggle out of this stunt :) 
It was an Arkansas Christmas this year!
We loaded up everyone [and alllllll the gifts], and dog and drove to James' mom's house to spend Christmas with them.
James' mom goes all out for Christmas.
There isn't a spot left uncovered that Christmas hasn't touched!
The boys love it :) 
My sick little lady on Christmas morning.
She had an ear infection and a fractured rib.....ugh. 
Grandma and Georgia opening gifts together...
She was very into the wrapping paper! 
Charlie got a new pair of kicks from Santa.
He asked for a pair of shoes that "ran faster than his old ones..."
I think Santa delivered :) 
The boys opening up there combo gift from Santa...a Wii.
We've been holding off as long as we could on the video games...
Well.  Santa caved.
Jackson's face says it all. 
Georgia observing Grandma's delicate unwrapping process...
She's probably thinking, "alright already!  Tear into this puppy and see what it is!" 
An Angry Birds hat and Cars 2 = one happy Jackson 
Daddy and Georgia.
Poor girl is lookin' a little rough :( 
it was all things Angry Birds this Christmas...
what a bunch of goobers :) 
One of James' clients gave Georgia this outfit so it was fitting that she wear it on Christmas day!
Blurry, but you get the idea... 
We went to James' Aunt Sharon's house for Christmas lunch.
Georgia had the right idea here.
It was a nice Christmas and good to see all of James' family..
Up next...
Christmas continues in Destin!

Monday, December 12, 2011

December iphone shots

I've come to rely waaaay too much on my iphone camera.
I don't think I've even had the Canon Rebel out of it's bag in 3-4 months.
Shame. On. Me.
In my defense, it's just much easier to take a pic with my phone and it automatically uploads to my itunes through space aka: icloud.
gotta love technology.
It was a cold day in December in South Louisiana.
Georgia wore her bear suit :)

She tried rice cereal for the first time a little at about 4 1/2 months.
She was totally uninterested.
I kept shoving it down her throat though, and now she likes it!

Her PB stocking came in the mail just in time for Christmas!
Charlie made quite a cute stocking model.
He's for hire too!
inbox me.

I leave Ga and her Dad home alone for a few hours and find them bundled up in the backyard in a hammock.
Georgia was sleeping.
James' butt looks like it's grazing the ground...

Thanks to Pinterest our elf, Snelf, came up with some very clever ways to entertain the boys during the month of December.

My cousin, Stephanie, invited the boys to her kids school for a Christmas Breakfast.
They got to decorate gingerbread houses, eat pancakes and listen to the story of Jesus' birth.

Outside they had a cool petting zoo!
Jackson spent several minutes and quite a few laps around the pen to catch this nifty chicken.

Emma caught one too and we had ourselves a photo!

They also had a live Nativity Scene!
The cow was pooped and the lamb was uninterested.
I thought about placing Ga in the manger....

Jackson said she looks like our Elf on the Shelf...ahahha

The kids in front of our Christmas tree!
We went with tall and skinny this year.
Real estate is slim in our living room.
This one was a beauty and a steal for only $33 :)

The lady waiting to be seen for her 4 month checkup.
so...i whip out the iphone camera...

I love her sweetness :)
She is such a happy baby.
She's getting so active too!
up on all fours and rocking!

Finn, the Santa wonder cat.
He hates us.

My pretty little lady in her bumbo.
What a great invention!
Didn't have one with the boys!
We're currently using it as a highchair.

Up next?  Christmas!!