Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Our New Friend

Meet our newest addition.
As you know, our dear sweet Stella cat passed away the day after Christmas. She was Lana's cat, but we had all grown to love her and her quirky self. She was very sick and had kidney failure.
R.I.P. "Stells Bells"
Jackson didn't give Aunt Lana much time to grieve the lost of Stella.
Everyday he would harass her and tell her she needed to go get a new cat.
Lana would say, "I'm not ready yet, Jackson."
Ten minutes would pass and he'd ask again, "Are you ready now?"
Four year olds.....
So while my mom was in town last week, we talked Lana into going to the Humane Society and adopting another feline.
If no other reason, than to put a halt to Jackson's nagging.
This cat is cool.
He's so laid back and such a people person!
He loves to lay in laps, right smack in front of the keyboard on the computer, on our chest in bed, he's just really sweet.
I told Lana I think he's grateful. Grateful that she chose him over all the other cats in the pound that don't have much of a chance.
Plus he's totally got his looks going for him.

And he lets Charlie have his way with him.
I was nervous the first couple of days with the cat and Charlie who likes to be "all up in the cat's face." But there hasn't been one incident, not one scratch mark....He's really good with the kids.
Here we have a "cat buffet"
served with all you can eat goldfish, of all things...Ha!

Oh, and his name is "Finn."
He came home with the name "Aiden".
But that's soooo not a cat name!

Jackson wanted to name him "Mister"

As you can see, Lana won that fight....

Saturday, January 23, 2010

All About Me Book

Jackson came home from school with a project he had been working on. It was a nice surprise in his school bag because he doesn't typically come home with too many papers.
He's beginning to learn stuff he needs to know for "sigh", kindergarten.
His address, phone number, birthday, etc.

I don't think knowing his height and weight are prerequisites for gettin' into the big K.

Someday I know he'll find this book and put his ginormous hand and foot up to these precious little four year old hands and feet. "sniffle"
We got a good laugh out of this page...
Along with this page...
He went on to tell me who was who. If you couldn't tell already, that's Charlie right under the word "family" with the "crazy hair" that Jackson drew on him. HA!
Daddy is of course front and center and the biggest and in red. I'm not jealous. I'm not.
I am on the left of daddy with the great big bug eyes and no neck. But boy, I've got some long legs!
And his Lana is top left :)
Jackson is to the right of Daddy with the spiked hair he donned for himself.
One of these things is a complete lie. I'll let you decide which one it is. I'm guessing another kid got ahold of Jackson's book and started doodling that large piece of green vegetable.
Cause my kid doesn't like ANYTHING green except for edamame.
The other two are dead on. He'd eat pizza or mac and cheese any day of the week.

I love his artwork. I especially love it when he sits down with me and tells the story he drew and you can just see his imagination working as he's talking.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

On A Side Note:

I got all the Christmas STUFF put away and all the Mardi Gras STUFF came out.
[I really don't have that much Mardi Gras stuff...just some wreaths we made].
Anywho, Jackson observed the new decorations and told Lana very matter-of-factly:

J: "Hey Lana"

L: "What Jackson?"

J: "Well, ya know, it's Mardi Grawl time..."

L: "Sure is..."

J: "Yeah, and WE don't have any Mardi Grawl movies!!"

L: chuckle, chuckle. 4 year olds.....

Charlie likes to swipe my phone and take off to the far corners of the house and call random people, unbeknownst [sp?] to me....

This morning he called my Aunt Barb twice, my mom and my Grandmother Cagle in Alabama. I got a "return call" back from Aunt B and I had to explain what my little diabalo was up to. She was probably wondering why Diego was blaring in the background and Charlie yelling, "ROAR, ROAR" as only baby Jaguar does....lordy.

Charlie likes to call me "Jessica" now. So much for "mom". I do recall Jackson doing the same thing when he was this age, so "this too shall pass" :)