Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My new camera!

Home made slip n slide....we DO live in Louisiana people! And Jackson had a blast. We went to Dalton's graduation party last Saturday afternoon and this is what the boys had conjured up. They doused the tarps and themselves with dishwashing liquid and had at it! Needless to say, most of the boys ended up with some rashes and "irritation" south of the border...haha. One of the guys even missed church the next day because he couldn't walk! Stupid dishwashing liquid. Who knew you couldn't use it for personal use?? Jackson suffered only minor injuries :)

Whoops! He took a slip and went down on his back! No tears though...those came once he got the dishwashing liquid in his eyes....ouch!

Charlie sunning on a raft with Daddy. Emma had her 5th birthday party at Franco's last Saturday and we swam! Charlie loves the pool.

Jackson playing in the kiddie pool. I love my new camera. Jackson is like 30 feet away from me in this shot and look how awesome it turned out!

'Sup mommy?

I'm posting this pic mainly because my mom wanted to see the arrangement she sent James and me for our 4 year anniversary! Thank you mom, it was beautiful! We went to dinner and had a great evening together!

Just a close up of a rose with my camera....I can't stop playing with it!

Ladies and Gentleman...we are about to have a walker! As soon as you stand him up to walk with him his little legs just get to pumping and he goes everywhere. (someone is holding his hands of course) He thinks he's pretty cool. Watch out think you are being tormented now...just wait til Charlie REALLY gets mobile!

Aunt Lana took Jackson outside the other day after it had rained and let him play in the ditch in the front yard. Notice I didn't take him out to play in the ditch. It is nasty and dirty and there are baby minnows swimming in there. Where do those things come from? I mean, how do they just find their way in a ditch? Don't they belong in a river? (Sorry for that rant...I'm just lookin for an answer). Of course Jackson had tons of fun....He went straight to the shower after that.

All day Jackson has been telling me that he wants to go running and biking with Daddy when he gets home. All day. So James gets home and that's just what they do. Jackson told James, "I don't want to do the swimming just the biking and running. You can do the swimming." We finally got what he was thinking. He's been watching James do these triathlons and he's wanting to do what his Daddy does. So cute! They ran to the stop sign and back, ummm about 40 feet from the end of our driveway. Then he said he was tired. So they hopped on their bikes and rode down the street. Maybe someday we'll have a father/son team doing triathlons together. How cool would that be?

This weekend we go to Jackson, Mississippi for another triathlon. This is the one James attempted to start last year but couldn't because I had to rush him to the emergency room to get an appendectomy. Hopefully this trip won't result in any major surgeries...I'll let ya know.


Tuesday, May 27, 2008

It's been a while...

since I've last posted. We have been busy around here and I couldn't get blogger to post any pictures that I downloaded. It was a mess. Our friend, Tony, took these about two weeks ago. I just love them. He does amazing work. We went to Fontainebleu State Park which is only about 10 minutes from our house. I've already decided this is the place where the Gilmore 2008 Christmas Picture will take place! It was a beautiful afternoon. Enjoy!

The first professional picture of the boys together!

Charlie was curious about the spanish moss growing in the trees!

I love this picture. It was taken about a month ago at the lakefront. James and I didn't even know Tony had taken it until he showed it to us. Jackson is running to us to give us a flower that is in his's so precious. I am going to get it blown up!
I got a fancy new camera for my birthday so I have been playing with it and will post more pictures very soon!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Crawfishman Triathlon 2008

Sunday started the kick-off season for James' one of many triathlons he is going to compete in this summer/fall! The Crawfishman Triathlon is held in Bush, Louisiana which is where we used to live and is only about 8 miles from our house now. James did this triathlon last year and knows a bunch of people that compete. It was a beautiful morning (did I mention that I had to get 2 kids dressed and ready to leave the house by 6:45 AM Sunday morning to get there in time to watch James start?) We actually made it there with time to spare...Charlie ate his breakfast in his stroller by the lake and Jackson dined in his carseat on the way. It worked out just fine!
James was a little nervous, this being his first triathlon of the season. Here's what he had to do:
1000 yard swim
18 mile bike
4 mile run

This is the start where they swim. He was in the third heat. This is James' least favorite part of the triathlon. He didn't even practice swimming prior to today...the last time he swam was last summer!!

Charlie watching from the stroller.

Here he is coming out of the water. He wore a full body wetsuit because the water was cold
AND it helps keep you afloat. Any little bit of help to make it easier!

Running to the "transition site" where he gets ready to do the biking segment.

Getting his gear on for the ride. The guy in the blue shorts on the left works for James. His name is James too and this was his first triathlon! (Don't mind the old man in the background sportin' speedos! That should be against the rules!!)

Heading out for the road. You should have heard Jackson cheering for his daddy. It was so cute!

Coming back in from biking. Heading to the transition site again to get ready to run!

James starting off his 4 mile run. He looked beat already but afterwards said the running wasn't bad at all.....

The boys were waiting for Daddy to cross the finish line and a lady with a camera came up and asked if she could take their picture for a local magazine! Can't wait to see that!

Here he is coming in from his run...about to cross the finish line!!

James just did all that and still has a smile on his face...I would be passed out in the bushes somewhere if I just did what he did. Good job James! We are so proud of you :)

James and Charlie

I love this picture! He was giggling so hard!

James, James and Jackson...
The next triathlon is in two weeks! I have decided that I am going to start a scrapbook of all the triathlons James is doing... I think it will be cool to look back at it and see everything he has accomplished!
Who knows, maybe one day I'll get up the nerve to try and do one.