Friday, October 15, 2010

odds and ends

I am a horrible blogger.
It's a fact anymore....

Lana's birthday was Sept 27 and we went to dinner to celebrate!
Del Porto is one of our favorite local restaurants so that's where we headed.

The Gilmores :)
My boys!
[Charlie's going to kill me someday for the bowl cut...]
the birthday girl and me
I packed a bag of "quiet toys" to keep the boys occupied.
It's sort of a NICE restaurant and we're still working on table manners :/

Hey look! James likes quiet toys too!
They love their Aunt!
I think the feeling's mutual.
Birthday kisses from Jackson
We went home for birthday cake. I made a scratch chocolate cake.
It was soooo yum....
all 29 candles!
yes, Charlie is naked.
No, I don't know why....
At least his hand is in a good spot.
Lana's got her glass of milk ready for her cake.
Happy Birthday, Lana!

Random pics:
The boys sporting their Steeler and Saints jerseys on game day :)

matching missing teeth!
Jackson pulled his loose tooth.
Charlie had his removed by the was rotten.
On the airplane to go to Penn to see Nonna for Pumpkin Fest
Yes, I had to fly with these two goobers.
They are very well behaved [most of the time] and do a good job of sitting for stretches of time.
Leapsters, coloring books, dvds, snacks, stickers, tic tac toe all do a good job to pass the time too :)