Saturday, January 26, 2008

busy week!!!

We have had a jam packed weekend! My mom flew in on Tuesday afternoon and we went and picked her up from the airport then headed straight to the mall for some shopping. We got sushi for dinner which was SO yummy! Jackson loves the edamame and it's hilarious to watch him eat it. It looks like a worm chewed through a leaf when he finally gets the "bean" out...haha.

Wednesday it was all day running around town. We went furniture shopping for my mom then to Michael's where we went crazy on scrapbooking supplies and such. I also got a new printer that prints out pictures! It is so awesome! It's like having my own personal Wal-Green's right in my own house! It's going to be great for scrapbooking. I'll never have to leave the house!
And I can send pictures easily to the Grandparents more often! We grabbed some lunch at a new restaurant in town and then headed to the grocery store so we could make a yummy dinner. I found a new recipe: chicken with morels and it's super good. Beau came over for dinner and we chilled out.

Thursday we stayed home all day. It was nasty cold and rainy. We played with the kids, napped and Mom cooked soup for dinner. Lana drove in from Atlanta and got here around 6. That night we played Scrabble....with high stakes. Mom brought gift cards. And the winner got to choose which one they wanted. I, of course, lost. The first game was for a $100 gift card to Cabela' you know who won that game. James was super excited but I had to break out the dictonary because he was "making up" his own words. I don't think my score even broke 100 and my words were like "run" and "top" and such....oh well....we're playing again tonight, and oh yes, I've been "studying" the dictionary today....I better win!

Friday we got up and decided to make our own Mardi Gras wreaths! They cost like $100 and more at the store so we figured we're creative and could save some money doing it ourselves. It was fun shopping for the stuff we wanted to put on them. I've attached a pic at the bottom of the final result. It's SO cute! Ten times better than any one that I saw in the store! Thanks mom! Tonight was a Mardi Gras parade but it was canceled today because of rain so we just went to my cousin Steph's house and ate dinner and played Apples to Apples. It was a fun night. (didn't win that game either)
Saturday night James and I got to go out to eat all by ourselves for the FIRST time since Charlie has been born! It was nice to enjoy a quite meal together and have adult conversation! Mom, Lana and Beau stayed home and babysat for us....thanks!

This is Jackson covered in Nonna's expensive face cream...ooops...when he came out of the bathroom he said, "ok, I ready, I have my makeup on".......hahaha

Well, we finally cut Charlie's hair. It was time, but I just didn't want to let go of all that baby hair.

Uncle Beau and Jackson

We borrowed Jackson's table and played scrabble on it in the living room floor. Poor thing had to eat breakfast on the floor this morning...he didn't seem to mind.

Charlie getting some kisses from Champers. Guess he thought it tasted bad or something!

happy happy baby!
We took like 8 pictures and this one was the best one...he kept trying to grab the mask!
Hanging with Aunt Lana.
Chewing on his noonie..

Charlie's got a serious drooling problem right now! Lana quote..."Man kid, drool! Suck it up like the rest of us!"
Lana hard at work getting some scrapbooking pages done in Charlie's scrapbook. Yeah, I'm finally catching up!!
Mom hard at work making our Mardi Gras wreaths! She's so good :)

Here's the final product! It's so pretty and one of a kind!!!
We had a great weekend. The weather wasn't the greatest but oh well. Lana left for Atlanta around 2 today and Mom's flight is at 6. Tomorrow it's back to the same old same old...Later

Monday, January 7, 2008

that johnny jumper thingy

so guess who's a fan of the johnny jumper! He was cracking us up last night with his moves! We had to move him to a "wider" doorway because we thought he was going to crash into the doorway! He was rockin'... (yes, that's a wad of spitup on his chin. I laid a burp cloth on the floor and let him go to town!)

no smiles here

seriously mom, stop flashing that camera in my face.

I took the center of the exersaucer out so I could wash it and guess who found their way in the middle of it. At one point he got stuck and I had to pull him through it. Tonight we will introduce the Charlie man to it!

My sick patient over the weekend....are we ever going to all be healthy??

These jammies have seen better days...and yet I still haven't thrown them away! He had a "blowout" from kicking in his bouncy chair!

Look how cute those toes are! Can you tell I was bored? I mean, I am taking a picture of my son's shoddy jammies and blogging about it...pathetic...

Here's the initial trial run in the jumper. This doorway was too narrow....we had a close call with the doorframe! He twirls around and sticks his arms's so cute!

that's a proud look if you ask me.

the boys....Charlie in transfer to the wider doorway. Jackson of course, playing with himself. Enjoy! More later... Geaux tigers!!!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

some pics for you

Charlie's favorite way to suck his fingers...I don't know if he's teething yet or what but he chews on EVERYTHING now.
chunky monkey
What a happy baby!
Lana and I painted Jackson's bedroom this past weekend. It was a horrible pink color. We went with beige (boring I know for a little boys room) but we're just I stuck with a neutral. As we were painting the walls Jackson runs up to a pink wall and hugs it and says "My pink! I wuv my pink!"...little scary if you as me. Here he's jumping on his bed that's on the floor. Two seconds later he flew off the side and bumped his more monkeys jumping on the bed :) He has lost a lot of weight due to his stomach virus. Look how huge his stomach is compared to his scrawny legs! Poor guy!