Thursday, March 29, 2012

Jackson is 7!

Where has SEVEN years gone?
I blinked and now I have a little man.

Nonna and Poppa sent birthday balloons :) 
This pic was taken before he got on the bus the morning of his birthday.
Crazy bed head.
crusty eyes.
sweet little smile :) 
He requested an ANGRY BIRDS birthday this year.
So I took cupcakes to his class on his birthday...
no, I did NOT make them.
thank you Albertson's for your help this year!

Easy, homemade birthday invitation :)
We had a big crawfish boil party on Saturday and he invited all of his friends.
It was a beautiful day for some crawfish and backyard soccer.
Isn't that cake cute?
I took a pic to Albertson's that I printed off the internet and they did so good!
Good job, bakery cake decorator ladies! 

Blue icing...
better than black icing??

Doesn't matter..he is one happy seven year old. 
L to R:
Lily, Hayes, Jackson, Ryan, Charlie, Zach, Lane and Chloe 
after cake it was pinata beating time!
My friend, Nikki, was getting everyone in line so no fights would break out! 
Jackson getting prepped by Dalton. 
The person on the other end of the rope was his Daddy...being tricky... 
Lily taking a whack at it. 
After it was broken open, candy went flying everywhere.
This one collected his goods and went into a quiet corner of the yard and began devouring his.
Started with chocolate of course...
just like his mamma :) 
This is a horrible pic :(
It was a looooooong day.
My face tells it all.
I was super sun burnt from being at Charlie's soccer game in the morning and then Jackson's baseball evaluations for two hours in the afternoon.
Sans sunscreen :(
and I'm a sunscreen girl! 
Happy Birthday to our sweet Jackson!

You are loved by many.

You are funny and giggle alot!
You're food tastes are expanding and you are eating lots more of a variety of foods than you used to.
[This makes Mom very happy]
You love school and are very smart.
Learning comes very easy for you!
You are super independent and shy.

You love your baby sister and are so gentle and loving with her  :)
You love wii and computer games and iphone games...
You are an amazing reader!
You love baseball and going to the beach.
You love to watch Animal Planet.
[No more Nick Jr!]
and River Monsters....

I can't wait to see all of the ways you grow and mature this year!
I love you :)