Monday, November 24, 2008

Two little monkeys.....

...Jumping on the bed. We've got a lovely air mattress set up in the playroom for our overnight guests. The boys think it's an inflatable toy pretty much. Jackson bounced Charlie off the bed twice today and he landed on his head and stood up and came back for more. No tears. Hard core.

Taking a break from bouncing to do some hair twirling...

Look at that sweet smile. He's a butterball ya'll.

The fam went to Sam's on Saturday. I dressed Charlie in his overalls. Jackson insisted on wearing his too. Then James caught on and wanted to wear his too. I wouldn't let him. Absolutely not.

I think it was only in the high 50's that day, but I just love his hat. And he'll actually wear it!

Charlie's been doing breathing treatments this past week due to his wheezing and a bad cough. He let me put that mask on him. I could not believe it. Once I had some music on and he was standing up dancing with it on. Should have taken a pic of that!

I think Jackson's catching on to Christmas and the Santa bringing presents this year. The Cabela's Christmas Book came in the mail. He hasn't put it down. It came to church with us Sunday. He told everyone what he wanted for Christmas.
He'll just sit and look at it, as if he hasn't seen everything in it a hundred times already. There's a specific toy gun that he tells me he's getting for Christmas. He's sure of it.

We'll be traveling to Arkansas for Thanksgiving with James' family on Wednesday. Hope you all have a blessed Thanksgiving and enjoy your time with your families.

Friday, November 14, 2008

I can scan.

I got the scanner hooked up and wanted to share some of Jackson's artwork. I love going through his folder at the end of the day and seeing what his busy little hands created. It makes me smile.

Our large group of people at the LSU game last Saturday. We had a blast! (even though we lost..) From left to right: Jake, Richard, Dave, Chelsea, Carter, Barb, Emma, Dana, Lana, Jon, Charlie, Me, Steph, Christian, Zach, Janet, Tamara, and Mike! (Jake's the only one not related!)

Here's Jackson's school picture. A HUGE improvement from last year's picture. He was all teary eyed last year. We didn't purchase any of those! But this one's not too bad!

too busy

Whoa. Life's been crazy lately. Seems we've been going non-stop. I haven't even had time to blog. I need to stop and smell some roses or something. It's the beginning of the holiday hustle and bustle, I know it. Let's see....this past week Jackson had a lovely stomach bug. Actually, it was all but lovely, but we won't go into details. He's over it and so far (fingers crossed) none of us have contracted this nasty bug.

Last weekend my Aunt Barb, Cousin Chelsea and her baby, Carter, were down for a visit. It was a fun weekend. And jampacked I might add. We had dinner together EVERY night and went to the LSU/Bama game...and hung out and shopped and just got to visit. It was nice.

Other than that it seems there's something that's been filling my days. My friend, Tracey, gave me a scanner (ours broke long time ago) so I'm going to try and get it hooked up to the computer tonight. I'd like to post some of Jackson's art work from school. It's too cute....and he can trace like a pro...just wait and see for yourself.

Last night we met Lana and a friend at a mexican restaurant. Jackson was acting like a bum, and Charlie was hamming it up for our waitress. I honestly think he had a crush on her. At the end of our meal, he got out of his highchair and ran to her with his arms reached up so she would pick him up. She did and he wrapped his arms around her, but at arm's he could look at her. HaHaHa. She couldn't get over his beautiful hair. (I am rather jealous, myself). It's just so neat to observe the differences in my children. They are SO different. Jackson is reserved and shy; Charlie quite the polar opposite. I'm actually a little nervous for when he does start to talk. I'm afraid he won't stop...(Mel: I thought you were describing Charlie in your post about Isaac to a T....they HAVE to meet!)

Here's Charlie and Carter from our photo shoot the other day with my talented friend, Tony. Charlie was loving on Carter so much. It was so cute to watch. He ended up licking the side of Carter's face and had us all in stitches by the end.

Yes, my son is swiffering. You can never train them too young..

Conflict in schedules: I had my ladies bible study last Thursday night and James had a Delta Waterfowl Banquet (a.k.a. guys dressed in camo at a banquet, eating and auctioning guns and such....) James is on the board and didn't want to miss the banquet and he didn't want me to miss my bible study so he said he'd take the boys with him....this is what came down the stairs after getting dressed...

Just call him "Charlie the Climber". I just love his chunky little legs pressed together. He's so cute I can't even handle it:)

....After a bath!

Sometimes James likes to buy the boys a random toy. We ran out to pick up pizza the other night and next door some things caught his eye, I guess. We came home with a drum for Charlie...

And a new set of golf clubs for Jackson. Jackson's been golfing with James twice since he got these....but from what I gather, Jackson would rather drive the golf cart than do anything else...they are kinda fun to drive....(excuse the underwear shot...actually excuse the hand to the underwear shot...boys)

Here's a typical sight in the Gilmore household. Jackson doesn't finish his dinner and Charlie pawing for his plate. Let me make something clear here. Charlie has already polished his plate clean, yet feels he needs his brother's meal too.

butt-naked and headin for the bathtub!!!!

James allowed a three year old to cut his hair. That's brave. That's very brave. Look at that concentration he's got going on...tongue's sticking out and everything...just like his daddy.
Ok, so that's what the Gilmore's have been up to. Life is good. We are truly blessed!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Geaux Tigers!!!

We're heading to Tiger Stadium hoping for a big win against BAMA!!!!