Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Pet Peeves...(one of many)

Let me preface this by saying, I have a pet peeve with
camoflage. It really bothers me when people wear camoflauge that doesn't match. Blame this on my love for fashion, not that camo is very fashionable...but it just bothers me. And my husband is guilty of doing this. As you can see from the pictures, his pants are a much lighter shade of "camo" than his shirt is. I dressed Jackson so therefore, he matches. You can't even tell that he's got overalls on can you?? Now if I was a deer in the woods and I saw James trying to "blend in" I, being a smart deer, would see that James' legs stand out more than any other part of him does. Hunters go to all the trouble of trying to block their bodily scents with sprays and detergents, yet slack off when it comes to getting dressed. This could also be a result of getting up at the crack of dawn to go sit in the woods in a tree stand and doze off....hey, these are just my thoughts people!

He is pretty stinking cute I have to admit! He was so excited to go to the woods with daddy. He kept saying, "I go to woods with daddy and shoot a deer." He walked out of the door behind James and said "bye mommy, love you." Charlie and I stayed home and napped.

more pics from Pa

The Gilmore's in the pumpkin patch. Jackson was on a mission looking for the smallest pumpkin for Charlie to take home. We were all sportin' different shades of orange. Jackson's only concern was his pumpkin.
James' 29th (!!) birthday party at the market. Jackson wanted to blow the candles out so that's why he stuck close to the cake...or was it that he wanted the cake? Who knows.

FOUR generations picture! We have the exact same picture with Jackson as a baby. So cool! ps...I am willed that porch swing when Grandma kicks it. There's lots of memories on that swing. Plus, it's so comfortable!
mommy and Jackson...he would just sit on the mule at the market and when someone had to go somewhere on it he was ready to go...he didn't miss a beat.
Happy Baby Charlie. He had a fresh outfit on so there's no spitup on him yet...He's nicknamed "The Yoder"....rightfully named by Steph:)

Friday, October 19, 2007

what's new

sorry, I took a short hiatus from blogging. There's been so much going on and we got back home from Pa on Monday. I've been nonstop with the unpacking, laundry, putting clothes away and cleaning my nasty house. James is rather messy. You know it's really bad when he hires a cleaning lady to come clean my house on the day I come home from the airport and I didn't even notice anyone had been here to clean. I was like, "What did she clean? I can't tell a difference!" It must have been REALLY bad. So that's what I've been doing since I got home. Plus Lana is bringing home her new boyfriend this weekend for us all to meet. I'm anxious and excited! However, I must state that he is an Auburn fan (strike one) and Lana is taking him to the LSU/Auburn game tomorrow. I think she's also making him sit in the student section....poor guy, he doesn't stand a chance.

Moving on....so Jackson has this nervous hair twirling thing that he does. He mostly does it when he's in the car and Charlie is screaming his head off and we can't do anything about it. Anxiety anyone? Last night I had to cut a chunk of his hair out because he twirled it so much it got matted and too tangled to get out, even with a massive amount of hair conditioner. My aunt suggests we buzz his hair. I just don't think I'm up for that. However, I'd rather him not walk around with a bald spot on the top of his head either. More updates on that later....

My sweet (and messy) husband surprised me Monday night when he picked us up at the airport. We were walking out to the car in the parking garage and I said, "Where's the car parked?" He said, "Straight out there"....so I'm walking down the aisle or row or whatever it's called and I don't see my car...I walk past this beautiful Toyota Sequoia and the lights start flashing and the car is being unlocked from a remote control that is in the hands of James! I said, "James Gilmore. Did you buy me a new car?" His beaming smile was priceless and I'm the luckiest girl in the world. He's too good to me:) This car is massive! We can't wait to take it on a road trip next weekend to Montgomery!

That's all for now....I'm still trying to potty train Jackson. If I leave a diaper off him and let him just go naked, he will go in the potty all day long. As soon as I put that diaper on, he poos in it. Little Stinker!!! I guess I need to just buckle down and get more serious about it. Have a great weekend!!!
ps..pictures to follow. I can't get them to download. Something is wrong with the website

Monday, October 8, 2007

Greetings from PA!

We've been in Pennsylvania since last Wednesday. We came up for the Pumpkin Festival at the farm! The weather has been hot and we are looking forward to this weekend...it's supposed to be in the low 60's! James flew back home today. He came up to deer hunt but didn't have any luck. The kids and I will be here until next Monday. I've attached a lot of pictures. We've had lots of fun so far. Jackson loves his cousins and they've been wearing him out playing everyday. Yesterday he went to bed at 6:30pm! THAT was awesome :)

This is James being the human kid carrier in the airport. I was pushing an empty stroller. Lucky me! People just laughed when they looked at James.
Jackson loves tractors! He's been riding them all week all over the farm with Jason.
Nana and Charlie at the festival. The weather has been unseasonably warm.

The artist hard at work painting his pumpkin that he picked out in the pumpkin patch. He sat there for at least 45 minutes painting.