Saturday, March 29, 2008

the Hornets

Today was Jackson's first soccer game! He was so excited this morning when we woke up and told him that TODAY we get to go play soccer. He got his gear on and we headed out the door. We got to the field and I swear there were a million little kids running around. I have to say though that it was all organized very well. Jackson's team is called the Hornets. They had a 10 minute "practice" before the game started where they each took turns kicking the ball to the goal. Gametime came and Jackson did great! I tried to take lots of action shots but those little buggers move fast! He had a slight meltdown midgame because he wanted the ball for himself. Once that was all explained, he got over it quickly and returned to the game.

Jackson made a goal! the other team's goal! It was so cute though and we'll just have to work on which direction to kick to. James is going to make Jackson a goal post to practice with in the back yard. I've been "playing" with Jackson and am just waiting to fall over the ball and break something. I never was a soccer player :)

His team lost, but we're so excited for next week! And as long as Jackson is having fun, who cares! After the game, we went and got new soccer cleats and shin guards. And of course, Jackson had to wear them out of the's some pics!

on our way to the game!! He's psyched!

we had to keep saying, "no hands"....but lots of kids wanted to pick it is tempting

Charlie man just took it all in. After all, there were tons of kids running around and screaming. It was pure entertainment for him!

The team did a huddle before the game...and I think Jackson thought they were praying in the picture sweet, he's "bowing" his head!

Wouldn't you like to know what these two were chatting about??
Jackson going for the goal!!!

Game over...Jackson is the one who is supposed to be shaking hands with the little girl in the purple shirt..instead, he's nervously twirling his hair. Oh well! It was a great day!

Monday, March 24, 2008

"all in a week"

James and I have been working on Jackson this week...."manners crackdown" you could say. He's good with "please" and great with "thank you" but when it comes to "yes ma'am, no ma'am", he's slacking BIG TIME! His reply is "WHAT??" or "DO WHAT??" (see earlier post) I'm hoping one day he'll just wake up and voila~ but I know it will take time...and I've got plenty of it:) Today we were at the zoo and he almost ran into some lady and I heard him say, "oh, excuse me!" It was unexpected and so innocent! I was proud of my little man:)

We signed Jackson up to play soccer this spring on a 3 year old league at the YMCA..(thanks to Nonna, that was her b-day present to Jackson!). His first game is this Saturday and I think James and I are more excited about it than he is! He has games on Saturday mornings and no practices...I"m sure it will just be a bunch of little boys running aimlessly around a soccer field, but it will be so cute! Jackson got new soccer sneakers and a soccer ball. We think he's ready! Stay tuned for pics after Saturday!

SO..we've got company in the backyard. A GIRL dog. Yes, folks, old Champers is getting lucky this week. And her name is BABY. She's a chocolate Lab and James wants to breed Champ just once before he gets snipped on Thursday. They "tried" last time that she was in heat and nothing they are trying again. It's quite a sight watching James and Champ and BABY and her owner all in the backyard tryin' to make something happen. Let's just say that included rubber gloves too....enough said. I'll keep you posted on BABY's baby status:) Jackson wanted to go in the backyard while the "nasty" was taking we did. He asked what Champ was doing and I said, "he's hugging the girl dog"...then we looked for the moon, then counted stars....and tracked an airplane across the sky...anything to keep him from looking....and quickly went back inside!

***Happy Birthday to my friend RONNI :) Love you!!***

Ready to chow in his festive little bib!

IF I were Charlie I would be frightened of this giant 3 year old invading my bed! He was tickling his baby brother....the other day I heard Jackson screaming from Charlie's Charlie and I went to check it out..."I tuck (stuck) me, I tuck". Jackson had "fallen into Charlie's crib and couldn't get out. Funny, I remember Jackson escaping the confines of this very crib when he was about 15 months old...

James & Charlie jamming to itunes....i believe it was something along the lines of hank williams jr.....yeah for all the rest of us who were in the room who had to listen
We went to the lakefront to fly kites the other day...James got his stuck in this tree and it took him about 10 minutes to get it out...then shortly afterwards, it cheap $1 kite from wal-mart was the winner of the day...
bundled up at the was chilly that day!
posing for the camera
sweet baby Charlie...he's almost too big for this onesie and I'm sad :(

We dyed easter eggs Saturday night and Jackson had so much fun!
Daddy giving his guiding hand to the cup.....believe it or not, we had no "accidents" and I was happy about that!

Jackson putting a sticker face on one of the eggs...

Riding his four wheeler in the back yard. James brought this home a while ago. He found it on the side of the road and strapped a battery pack to the back and presto, a FREE ride!!
Our LITTLE easter bunny!!
Checking out his easter basket Sunday morning...gee, it was like, ok, look at your new toys, go eat your breakfast....go get dressed...out the door to church...unfortunately, we were late for church that morning!!
here's Jackson's final result....poor things look like the belong in the "special section" of the egg carton.....sorry. but really, they do
His favorite egg was the pink one..guess because it took the color the best. Most of them got dropped and cracked to pieces...but they are still on the counter, just hanging out...

We went to the zoo today!!! It was a beautiful day and we took full advantage of it! There were 8 kids and 6 adults that went all together. It was nuts! But lots of fun!
I know there seems to be lots of pictures of baby Charlie in this's just that everytime we go out, he rides in the stroller. He likes his stroller, and I'm all for it. He's 2 pounds away from being over the weight limit in the front pack carrier...bummer. Look at those pretty BLUE eyes!!
Jackson and me
here's all 8 kids today. They were all really good and had a great day

I'm still waiting on birthday pictures from my friend Tony...patience please :)

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

what's happening...

So far Jackson has had 3 Easter egg hunts...and it's not even Easter yet! These pics are from our church egg hunt last Sunday night. These are all the kids from our little church and they had a great time!

Charlie found Jackson's Easter basket...
Dylan & Jackson on the hunt for eggs
not a great picture...I'm not the greatest at getting them both to look at the camera at the same time!
before the hunt...getting them all lined up
Daddy and Jackson

Uncle Beau and the boys...Beau is moving back to Pennsylvania on Wednesday and we are going to miss him so much!!
St. Patrick's Day shirt that Grandma got him and Charlie...Charlie's didn't make it through the day. He spit up and drooled all over it before noon!

Showing off his findings!
Aunt Lana and Charlie

We made Jackson's birthday cake and he's licking the batter..yum! I'm going to post pics from his party as soon as I get them from Tony, our photographer friend :)

Grandma and the boys at #2 egg hunt in our neighborhood Saturday morning...
yes, you see 2 eggs in his basket....that's all he found. There certainly wasn't a good egg to child ratio in this hunt!

lounging and reading!
Jackson and his cousin Christian playing with fire
Jackson has been super curious about gum. He wants to know what is in my mouth and wants to see it when I'm chewing we let him try it. It lasted for about 2 minutes and then he wanted to spit it out....said it was "too spicy"...ok
Nonna sent Jackson some stickers in the mail and this is what he decided to do with them!
Eatin' is hard work!!!
I hope everyone has a nice Easter! Did I do a better job of taking pictures this past week or what??? pat on my back:)