Thursday, June 25, 2009


Hi blog readers. Some of you questioned me as to the type of surgery Jackson is having....I probably should have clarified that before posting his "surgery" in my calendar section.

He's having his tonsils and adenoids removed next Thursday (the 2nd). He's been experiencing some hearing loss over the last couple of months. I took him to an ENT doc and he put him on two seperate rounds of antibioitics to clear up the fluid on his ears. That helped, but he's still got pressure on his eardrum, not to mention his tonsils are the size of, the doc thought this would be the best thing for him.

I'll keep everyone updated :)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Summer Days

...anything can be entertaining. Especially to a water dog and 2 boys.

Rainboots, check.

No shorts, check.

water faucet, check.

Commence water.
The fun is about to start.

Charlie's looking back at me to make sure this is "all ok with me."
Champ has destroyed 2 sprinklers so far, otherwise, I'd let the boys run through the sprinkler.
Champ has way too much fun in the sprinkler. He gets out of control with it.
If I feel that he (the dog) is being way too lazy, I'd shove him out in the yard while I was watering it. That would give him a good work out.

He's a water hog.
Charlie is glad his feet are staying dry.

This went on for a good 15 minutes. Until I shut this operation down. They were forming a decent sized mud puddle, and that's no good.
Summer entertainment at it's finest!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Just one reason why I need a girl...

When things like this take place at my house, I usually:

a) run the other direction

b) feel left out

c) wish I had a little girl

This is way too manly (and gross) for my liking. Plus, the fish stench on a 90 degree summer day with no wind blowing is no day in the park either. Notice every boy in the house flocks to James to see what's going on, manhandle some slimy fish, or fight over who gets to hold what...

Charlie just kept pointing and screaming, "FISH!"

That one is actually bigger than Charlie.
I was summoned from my recliner by Jackson to "come outside with my camera."
So I put the nail file down and grabbed my camera.
No, we did not have fish for dinner.
I can only handle...wait, my stomach, can only handle a fish fry like once a month. Don't get my wrong, my hubby knows how to fry fish, but it's a heavy meal and one that counteracts 3 whole weeks in the gym. Worth it? Sometimes, maybe, yes.

Playing it safe with a .5 pound trout. Don't blame ya there buddy.
So there is just one reason I need a girl. I could have been inside brushing her locks or painting her toenails or teaching her how to apply eyeshadow properly.
Oh well. Such is life. I'll be content for now being the "queen" in a house full of boys :)
Gotta go. As soon as they walk in the door I've got to corral 3 boys to the showers. Pronto.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Back To Reality...

James and I got to go away this past weekend to NYC to visit his friend Rob and fiance, Tara. We had a very relaxing, fun time...sans kids! We met James' mom last Wednesday and gave her the kids. We left for our trip 2 days was weird being in our house with no kids running around! TOO quiet!

Unfortunately, I have no pics to share because someone forgot their camera...I know, I know, I can't believe I forgot it. I almost bought one of those disposable cameras.

Rob's cousin is supposed to be sending me a few pics from their engagement party we went to on Sunday night. It was at a great Italian restaurant called Mulino's. They have the best authentic Italian food I've EVER tasted...I've yet to visit Italy, so that opinion might change when I do get to go :)

We flew in yesterday afternoon and drove straight to Jackson, MS to meet James' mom to pick up the kids. We meet there because it's halfway for both of us and easy.

Talk about being thrown back into reality. Don't get me wrong, I love my kids and I missed them dearly while we were away! There's just not a "buffer zone" when they do return! We were tossed back into reality after 5 days of not changing diapers, preparing meals, wiping butts, wiping snotty noses, fixing toys, giving baths, breaking up get the picture. It was a bit stressful for me!

I had to go grocery shopping this morning and both kids went with me. They were actually very well behaved in the store, it was just me that was stressed, not to mention that I'm sick and didn't feel like even going in the first place. But we have not even a crumb in the pantry to eat, and I have 3 sets of eyes that look to me and only me when they're hungry. I had to rectify that situation promptly.

I consider it a true blessing when James and I are able to go away for a long weekend (or a short one) every now and then. The boys are well taken care of when we do and that always makes it easier to leave. Plus, sometimes I think they are the ones that need a break from us!