Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Mr. Clean, Mr. Clean

Someday, my daughters-in-law are going to thank me.
Right now though, I am thanking myself.
For buying this.
I am most likely going to have to purchase another one.

Because lots of fights break out and I have to step in and lay down some law.

It's just their size. It's just my size too, because the handle slides out and becomes a big person vacuum.
It also becomes a "dust buster" when the wheel attachment pops off!

It's great for sucking up the outrageous amounts of dog hair that accumulate there every single day.
Cause let me tell you, when one of them drops their banana on the floor and then goes to pick it up,
it usually looks like a black, hairy banana.
And that always results in tears and wasted bananas.

Just trying to keep the peace.
Run up to your local Wal-Marts and get yourself (or your kid) one. They're only $20 and well worth it, I promise! Oh, it's called a Eureka 4 in 1.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I really thought I had done a good job of hiding the playdough bin.....until Jackson trotted into the kitchen with it in his arms saying, "Let's play playdough!!...Come on, Charlie!"
I cringed.

But being the awesome Mommy that I am, I set them up at their table in the kitchen, hoping it would all stay there(wishful thinking)...and let them go to town!

This activity went on for a solid 30 minutes. No one tried to eat it, but colors were mixed together, lots of colors.

"Pasghetti" was created by Jackson.

This method didn't seem to work too well...

...but this one did!
oh the playdough crumbs!
A Master "Pasghetti" Maker

And I thought I'd give my viewers a glimpse of what a typical evening is like in the Gilmore household... [insert cry for help]
everyone in the backyard.
James shooting his bow.
Jackson in his Halloween costume and "yardfishing".
Charlie running around naked.
This picture should speak for itself.
There's a lot going on here....
Mr. Beckett likes to rip his diaper off at any given chance and run around naked. I can't keep the boy clothed.
Notice the gradual tan lines going up his legs to that white booty.
Love. It.
Off he goes, trucking through the yard....
Where he stops, no one knows.
(Good thing our backyard is fenced...our neighbors would get an eyeful every evening!)
Thanks for another fun day today Nikki! ;)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Cheap Thrills

I took the boys to the pool today for the first time since Jackson's surgery. We stayed an extra long time because everyone was having an extra lot of fun....

A little boy had some boats that Jackson was eyeing up....the little boy's mother told me she bought them at the dollar store. Jackson asked me extra nicely if he could get some boats like that.

Since it was the dollar store and, uh, they only cost a dollar..I said "yes".

They didn't have the exact same boats that the little boy at the pool had, but according to Jackson, these were "way better".

These boats were battery operated!

And these two litte boys spent the ENTIRE afternoon, (after Charlie's nap), racing their boats around the big bathtub.

They were yelling and clapping and cheering for their boat to win.

Jackson kept asking me if he could take his bath "right now".
It was the best $2 I think I've ever spent on cheap toys. And no, they aren't broken yet!
They really do love each other :)

Saturday, July 11, 2009


I have been a real slacker blogger lately. I don't have any new pics of the kids, maybe because my camera hasn't been used in a while. Sorry...I've been slacking.

This past weekend was an unexpected trip and I've still been keeping Jackson indoors from his surgery. This coming Thursday marks the "2 week" mark and we'll be able to go back to the pool and playing outside. I admit I've been walking around the house aimlessly, twiddling my thumbs, looking for something to do. There's only so many games of Chutes and Ladders and Memory that one mom can take. I actually broke out the iron and ironing board this morning and went through some clothes in our closets to find something to iron....btw, I hate ironing. Desperate, people. Desperate for something to do.

Last night James and I went to an Air Supply concert at the Hard Rock Casino in Biloxi. It was good times. Those dudes are old, but they still got it.

I tried my luck at some slot machines but came up empty-handed. boo.

I'll leave you with the one pic that I have taken in the past couple of weeks, and a promise to do better.

My Charlie. He was ready to go for a bike ride, splash in a puddle and go swimming all at once. He was mad because Lana had brought him inside and he obviously wasn't ready to come in.

He has also gotten a haircut since this picture. I realized, after looking at this pic, how stinkin' hot he must be in this Louisiana weather with that mop on his head. So I did him a favor and butchered his hair myself. James stepped in a few days later and corrected my, um, work.