Friday, January 30, 2009

Pa Weather

It's snowed everyday since we've been in Pa. It's beautiful. Charlie and I got here on Tuesday afternoon and we got an ice storm Tuesday night. We came in at just the right time.

Ice on everything!

This sad little tree looks cold....

We are leaving tomorrow night. We've enjoyed the wintry weather. Now it's time to head back south to our crazy weather.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Spring January?

I got the urge.
It was a balmy 68 degrees outside....
So I opened up all the windows and aired the house out.
I washed all the sheets on the beds...
and swept the floors.
I even cleaned the playroom
AND Jackson's room!
The toys are organized.
there's just one problem......
I don't know what's for dinner.

Hoping the hubby will want to go OUT for dinner :)

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

More presents...

We went to Arkansas this past weekend to do Christmas with James' family. The boys got more fun presents. Jackson couldn't wait to get home and create a masterpiece with these glitter paint pens...

The child made the biggest mess possible. But he had fun. And I let him. The shirt came off because it got a "paint job" too....oops.

This one's for you Grandma! Thanks!

Monday, January 12, 2009


My Charlie had wings. He got his first professional haircut on Friday. I should have posted an after me, the child looks much better. We've been out in public twice today and no one has called him a pretty little girl yet...He would have extra curly wings on humid funny.

He was climbing on the windowsill to look out...with his "boots with the fur" on them. Ha. He looks like one of those hurly burly men who throw kegs in a contest. We love Charlie.

He's got a funky tooth. Just one more thing to add to my to do list, taking the kids to the dentist. It will happen, eventually.
If you ask Charlie a question, he energetically says, "yeah!" No matter what the question is...and he's been know to answer for his brother too. You'll hear Charlie in the other room when I'm asking Jackson a question, yelling, "yeah!" funny.

He's running. And hard to catch. He's started pitching little fits and having temper tantrums violently throwing himself on the floor and wallering around. I walk out of the room when he does this. ONE, because I usually am laughing and don't want him to see, and TWO, if no one is watching his fit, what's the point in pitching one??
Charlie gives kisses with his tongue sticking out. He LOVES balls. He loves to wave at strangers in the supermarket. He loves blueberries. He loves to shower with his Daddy and he loves his mamma :)
He still loves to eat. If he sees me (or anyone) eating something, he'll run up to you and say, "Bite!!!" in a high-pitched loud voice til you give in. SO FUNNY. Lana was applying lipgloss one day and Charlie screams "bite!" at her. ha.
Charlie loves to read. I peeked around the corner the other day after unloading the dishwasher and found this. It was super quiet, I was a little nervous at what I'd find...I had to grab the camera.

ooops, I've been discovered. So I put the camera down and crawled in his chair and we read some books.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Saturday, January 3, 2009


I am about to start a 15 day cleanse starting Monday. I haven't cleansed in two years, since before I was pregnant with Charlie.
I am a little nervous, yet hopeful, that I can stick to the diet regime for 15 long days. I need to do this cleanse. My body needs this cleanse. James, my cousin, Stephanie and Dana are both doing it too!! I'm not alone!
If you have never cleansed, I suggest you look into it. It's such a wonderful thing for you to do for your health and body. Disease and cancer seem so rampant these days and this is just one way for me to take my health into my own hands and hopefully deter any illness I might incur down the road that could have been prevented. I know I am still young, but I want to be healthy for my family and teach them how to live a healthy lifestyle. The benefits you will receive are SO worth it!! Increased energy, weight loss, and just feeling GOOD are some of the benefits I've seen! I've done several different types/brands over the years.
Here's the websites of the ones I have done: (This was the hardest one I've ever done!) (Easy and not difficult to do at all)
and this is the one I am about to start: (Heard good things about this one!)
All of these websites are loaded with information and will answer any questions you would have about cleansing, including the benefits and meal plans you should stick to while on the cleanse.
You can also ask me too. I'd love to answer your questions!