Saturday, June 25, 2011

countdown to baby girl has commenced :)

The boys and I crafted today.
We made a paper chainlink to countdown to baby girl's arrival.
32 days...
32 chainlinks.
I got this idea from Christmas time when Jackson's kindergarten class made one and they counted down the days until Christmas.
It saves me a lot of repetitive conversations that go along the lines of, "Mommy, when is the baby coming?"
Sometimes I answer with, "Today I wish"

This one said he "needed" to make a funny face.
Jackson and I didn't let him get ahold of the glue stick too much.
Anyways, Jackson is too particular about his work and Charlie could care less.
I tend to lean towards Jackson's way of thinking in this case too.
Poor Charlie, two perfectionists at one project.
He's doomed. 
I cut the strips on my board and let Jackson glue the links all together. 
Here we have our final product!
32 chain links!
Jackson pointed at the one at the very top and said, "Mom, is this the day you will go to the hospital?"
I said I hope to be there much sooner than that last link.
He didn't get it.
But I know I am so ready to not be pregnant anymore.
I just want her in my arms.
We're all ready to meet her.
And so we wait.....

oh, and contemplate on what we shall call her besides "baby girl" for the rest of her life.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Father's Day 2011

This Father's Day the boys and I decided to have a Scavenger Hunt for James.
We woke up and I cooked breakfast for everyone and then came the fun part.

Jackson had no clue what a Scavenger Hunt was so I had lots of explaining to do.
I think we'll make this a tradition around our house from now was so fun to plan too :)

His first clue led him to a stack of cards to read from all of us.  They happen to be hiding in Charlie's bed.

The next clue led him to the patio where he found a new grill brush....
Very much needed.
We go through lots of grill brushes.
Reading the next clue lead him to the kitchen where he discovered a larger than life pancake flipper.
[I failed to take a pic of that, sorry]
Charlie quickly took control of it and made a paddle out of it, smacking all of us on the butt with it.

The last clue [there were only 4] led him to our bedroom.
I swear he thought it was a new tv [the way he ran to the tv console and swung open the doors gave it away]...hahaha

but it wasn't ;)

What have we here???
Oh, here are the clue cards that I made up.
I got stuck on clue two and had to call in some reinforcements...
My friend, Michelle, is a master rhymer, no seriously....she really is.
I sent her all the info and she emailed me back asap with really cute ideas.
Thanks Bert :)

I love that happy surprised face!!!
Who can go wrong with an iPad2 for Father's Day?!

We love this man very very much.
Happy Father's Day to the best Dad and Husband ever.

Thursday, June 16, 2011


Lately, we've been layin' low.
Could be because it's sweltering hot outside.
Could be because I'm carrying a baby in my belly the size of Texas and am miserable :)

Charlie has learned how to swim now on his own and is very proud of that feat.
He's got his "gaggles" and James' swim cap on and about to do some serious swimming in Nonna's pool.

We did go to Destin last Tuesday thru Sunday.
Our friends Rob and Tara from NY met us there and we had a great week together.

James, Rob and Charlie buried Jackson in the sand.
It didn't last long...
Jackson started to freak.

Every morning we were at the beach the boys wanted to do whatever exercise Daddy was doing.
This morning James and Charlie went running and Jackson decided to bike.
I decided to reaquaint [sp?] myself with my king sized bed again....
have fun boys!
Momma's goin back to bed.

They crack James and I up.
They want to do whatever James is doing.

One morning Jackson had extra energy so when they got back from Jackson's bike ride they had to go for a run.
I was in a deep slumber.

If you haven't been to SanDestin they have a really cool area called Baytowne Wharf.
It's family oriented with lots of restaurants and games and activities, etc.
Their newest attraction are the hampster balls!
These were not here in April....

Giant air filled balls floating on a shallow pool.
$10 per kid for 5 minutes of play.
Someone hit the jackpot on this invention...

Charlie having a go at it.
He was so funny to watch.

This would be a great toy to have in one's backyard.
Or at a birthday party.

back to May 19.
Family pic outside of Mr. B's Bistro in New Orleans for my birthday dinner.
a stranger took this pic.
It was windy.
Charlie wouldn't cooperate.
Yummy food

and here I am in all my glory at 34 weeks.
only 6 more to go.
or less...I hope.
it's been a rough one.

That's about it.
We're all just waiting on baby to arrive!