Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Any resemblance??

This is baby Jackson: less hair, bigger lips...
This is baby Charlie: more hair, possibly bigger belly...

I came across a picture of Jackson when he was Charlie's age doing the whole bathtime thing. The recent picture I took of Charlie in his bath reminded me of this picture of Jackson. They look a lot alike. I think Jackson is a little older in his picture. Check out those bellies! They certainly take after their father in the eating department :)

Saturday, September 22, 2007

My favorite time of day...

NAPTIME! You guessed it. Usually it's naptime for all of us but I have allowed the laundry and dishes to pile up even beyond my tolerence so therefore, I sacrificed my nap today for cleaning (and blogging obviously.) I've got the whole naptime thing down finally with two kids. I feed Charlie and get him really full and happy (our little tick) and rock him to sleep right before lunch. I feed Jackson lunch and then him and I go off to his bed for some afternoon snoozing. I usually wake up before Jackson does so I sneak out of bed and get at least a half hour all to myself! And that's what I get everyday. A half hour to myself. At least until James gets home and I go take a really really long shower:) Charlie is still very unpredictable with his sleep patterns. We usually have one good night out of four. He sleeps in stretches anywhere from 2 to four hours long. Lately, closer to 2 hours. It's tough. And I say I want a third child??? How did my mother do it?

he's a ham in front of the camera
taking a nap on "nanna's bed" as Jackson would say. It's the bed we put in the nursery.
the cloth diaper is put down because Charlie has a MAJOR spit up problem.
This is Charlie's first bath! He wasn't happy the first time but now he loves his baths.
Trying to get all those creases and crevices.
See what I mean by our little "tick?" His belly is huge! Notice I accidentally scratched him with my wedding ring. Oops...
We moved the glider from the nursery to the living room for now. I call it the "magic chair" because after everyone bathes, Daddy gets to rock the boys to sleep and mommy gets to go take that long shower! I truly think the chair has magical qualities, it puts them to sleep in record time!
Charlie LOVES his swing...and so does Jackson. He likes to make Charlie "go fast"...I have to use close adult supervision when Charlie is in his swing!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

First Day of School

Monday was Jackson's first day of preschool. James took him to school and he walked into his classroom and said "Daddy, I go play!" No tears or anything! Today Jackson told James that "Jesus loves me." How cool is that!?
His school bag is bigger than he is.
Nana, Charlie and Jackson rocking
first signs of affection...there is hope!
say cheese!
poor charlie, he got tossed around quite a bit
He loves his baby brother:)

We are all doing well. My mom left yesterday and I miss her terribly! She was the biggest help to me. But I guess it's time to get this having two kids thing down on my own. Charlie is doing so good with nursing and sleeping! What a relief.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

We're home!

Jackson visiting us at the hospital. He's "playing" on daddy's phone.
The only picture you'll see of me for a while. This one is taken before the REAL pain set it.
He's so sweet...he's got those Gilmore lips!
The proud Daddy.
Getting ready to leave the hospital.

We are glad to be home! We got home on Saturday evening from the hospital. Jackson is warming up to "Baby Charlie" as he calls him, more every day. It still seems surreal that I have TWO children. But it's wonderful and I just love my boys:) Charlie is an eater (surprise) and I feel like all I do all day is feed him! He's got a huge appetite along with a huge temper. He just screams when I'm not ready when he is to eat. And Jackson stares at him when he does this. My mom is here and Lana left today to go back to Atlanta. They have been a tremendous help throughout and I don't know what I'd do without them! Thank you. And thank you everyone for your prayers! We are so blessed.