Friday, September 23, 2011

gigi is 2 months!

Georgia's feeding time falls right around the time I'm making dinner.
This [along with several other factors] have led to a late dinner or perhaps, no dinner some nights...
Hasn't happened much, but when it does I have three disgruntled boys looking at me and one happy, full, milky smiling girl looking at me.
The solution?
In comes Georgia's oldest brother, Jackson.

Note:  [I don't know why my couch looks so shiny.  It is not shiny.  It is not pleather as it looks here.  
            It is scratched up and has dried milk and crumbs and dirty finger marks and who knows what  else lingering in every crevice...Guess the flash doesn't help.]
This plan is working out beautifully!
Granted, this plan just started last night....
Lana is usually home and tends to baby girl while I'm conjuring up somethin' in the kitchen.
But when she's girl gets fed by her brother!
She doesn't care who feeds her as long as someone is on the other end of that bottle making sure it's contents flow to her mouth and nowhere else. 
It's tough being a two month old.
eat. sleep. poop. eat. sleep some more.  be cranky. be happy. poop...well, you get the picture. 
She was smiling for me.
I swear.
It's as if she shuts it all down once that black contraption, also known as my camera, gets shoved in her face.
Our sweet angel baby is two months old!
She's a super duper sleeper!
Goes between 8-9 hours at night!
She'll eat around 8-9 at night and always like clockwork wakes at 5 am for another feeding and will go back to sleep til about 8am.
Love. It. 
Lady has a serious aversion to the car.
Screams. Her. Head. Off.
She's starts as soon as I place her in her carseat.
We're in the car quite a bit during the day dropping off/picking up her brothers...
I feel bad.
But there's nothing I can do.
I really hope she grows out of it soon! 
If she were my first child, you'd probably be looking at more pictures that you'd like.
But since she's my third child...sadly, these are all I've got.
I am a bad mom.
I've got lots on my camera on my phone but that's such a pain to upload to here.
I will get better.
[but not making any promises]
Miss Priss has blue eyes!
Finally!  One of my offspring got a gene from me! 
She is such a sweetheart.
She's beginning to make a little noise when she's smiling at someone.
If it's loud, she will startle herself.
It's so funny :)

She's a belly sleeper.
Has been since she was two weeks old.
She holds her head up so well already and likes to stand when she's being held.

We call  her our little pterodactyl because she "squeaks" when she cries.
It's the cutest, saddest, teenie tiny little whimper of a squeak.
So funny.
She saves her full blown screams for mommy when she's in the car.

Charlie has dubbed her "honey bunny."
I call her "Lady"
James calls her "miss Priss" and "baby girl"
Jackson is the only one that calls her by her name.

Poor girl is going to be so confused :-/

We love you, GiGi ;)