Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Charlie is 4!

My sweet Charlie turned 4 on August 30.
He requested a pizza party at Mellow Mushroom!
How fun!
How easy! 
A pizza party requires a pizza cake.
I found some cute ideas online and this is the result.
Super cute! 
He had a mouth full of pizza so of course when he went to blow out his candles,
well, you can guess what happened...

Our handsome four year old!

Opening presents!

Grandma and Georgia were at the other end of the table talking to each other :)

Can't go wrong with some monster trucks!

Charlie got a special delivery on his birthday from his Nonna and Papa.
He was so excited that they were ALL for him!

Enjoying a healthy bowl of Cocoa Puffs for his birthday breakfast....

So excited that he turned 4...finally.

Getting ready to go to school on his birthday with his "4" shirt on.
The boys love wearing their number on their birthday :)

This child is super lovable.
He is always happy.
If he's not, a quick tickle session [or food] will set him straight again.
He loves to play t-ball, shoot his bow and arrow and play football with his big brother.
He loves smoothies and pizza and fruit.

He's a cuddler.  Very touchy feely.
He tells me he loves me at least 10 times a day :)  [lucky me!!]
His favorite movie right now is Rio.
He loves to play Angry Birds.
He loves to sing and hum.
I will catch him humming a song we sang in church and it makes me smile.

Charlie is notorious for his funny stories.
I could start his own blog full of "Charlie stories"
I forget them so quickly :(
Here's one from today:
Me:  "how was school today?"
Charlie:  "good"
Me:  "What did you do?"
Charlie:  "Well, we played a game on the playground."
Me:  "oh.  What kind of game?"
Charlie:  "I was the dad.  Collins was the baby.  Addison was the mom and Zara was the dog."
Me:  [my mind is wondering which way this story is going to go...so I ask:
         "Well, what happened?"
Charlie:  "The mom and the dog were sleeping together."
Me:  "You were the dad.  What were you doing?"
Charlie:  "I went to work mom."

hahahahaha.  I called James and told him his story.  Of course, he laughed.  "teaching him early!  Daddies go to work!"

He's so funny.
He's so busy.
We love you so much, Charlie Warley!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

I have three kids..

Just wanted to share some random pics of Georgia and the boys since we've been home from the hospital with her :)   
I'm not a huge fan of gigantic bows in little girls hairs...but this one is cute.  And massive.
Large to say the least.
It stayed on for .2 seconds...
Miss Priss sportin' some hot pink animal print.
rawr ;)
She was super alert this day.
I think about 2 weeks old.
I took her into her room and we had ourselves a lil' photo shoot!
This picture about sums up the boys and their sister.
Hands all over her at all times and up in her face.
Notice baby girl's face...poor sister.
Her first real bath after her little cord fell off.
She loves the water.
It totally relaxes her.
She looks like my mom in one of my mom's baby pictures.
I'm gonna have to hunt it down and compare the two....
Did I mention I love her lips?
This is one of my favs :) 
We didn't have a pack of D batteries for about a week so the boys took it upon themselves to manually swing their sister. I had to monitor the speed at which baby girl was flying through the air.
It could have gotten out of control. 
My mom got to get away for 3 days and come down and see us last weekend.
I don't think she put Georgia down unless she was sleeping or going to the bathroom.
I could maybe be wrong about the last part...ha!
She left Monday morning but got to see Jackson off to school on the school bus. 
....waiting on school bus.
James took mom to the airport.
Seems Georgia isn't a fan of her car seat, or perhaps it's just the car.
I wasn't about to drive across the lake with a screaming newborn and back...thanks honey :)
Nonna and Charlie :)
We love you Nonna.....hang in there 

Monday, August 8, 2011

First Day of School 2011

I think I can honestly say that we all have been looking forward to this day.  It was a loooong hot summer.  I was super duper pregnant and didn't want to leave the comforts of air conditioning or my couch, to be honest, most days!  They were very excited to start school :)

Jackson's first day of FIRST grade!  
He got a new backpack and school shoes and was ready to go :)
Two of his friends from Kindergarten are in his class this year so he was happy to see some familiar faces.
Charlie was so excited to start preschool this morning too!
He will go 5 days a week from 9-1.
He's going to the same preschool he went to last year so when I picked him up this afternoon he told me all about all his "frands" he saw.
I asked him what he did in circle time today and he said, "No Mom, it's square time now."
[follow-up:  I asked Charlie's teacher if they called it square time now and she just laughed.  She said they replaced the circle rug with a square one this year but that they still called it "circle time."  Apparently Charlie thinks otherwise...he cracks me up!]
Total opposites.

Georgia and I are kinda excited to be home alone ;)

Monday, August 1, 2011

Georgia Mae

Introducing our sweet baby girl
Georgia Mae.
She was born on Monday, July 25, 2011.
She weighed 8 lbs. 2 oz and was 19 1/2 inches long.
She is very loved by her Daddy. 
I'd say that's a beaming smile :) 
She came into this world with a healthy set of lungs!
She let everyone know she had arrived!
I was induced 2 days before my due date.
James and I went to the hospital Monday morning at 4 am to begin the induction.  They started the picotin drip around 6am.  I was only 2 centimeters dilated when we went in.  I began having some strong contractions right away.  At 9:45am my Dr broke my water.  He advised me to go ahead and get my epidural because he thought I was going to progress quickly, being it was my 3rd child.  I didn't argue with him one bit!  Epidural done at 10:15 and I became a happy girl.  I got checked at 10:30am  [15 minutes after epidural] and was at 4 cm.  This was good!  11:40am  I was 5cm!  At 12:15 I was having very strong contractions steadily at 3 minutes apart.  At 1pm I got checked again and I had progressed to 9 cm!  Time for the nurses and Dr. to come in and set up.  I was nervous because it was all happening so fast....
At exactly 1:20pm our Georgia was born.  I only pushed twice.  It was crazy.  It was honestly the easiest delivery.  
Soon our crowd in the hallway came flooding in.
Jackson and Charlie were so curious.
Charlie was instantly in her face.
Jackson was a little more reserved...but not for long. 
Look at his sweet face.
He was sooooo proud.
James' mom, Jo Ann, with her first Granddaughter. 
and she was my smallest baby....
AND my last!
The boys were watching the nurses bathe her and get her all cleaned up!
Look at those happy faces! 
Everyone said you could hear her all the way down the hallway screaming. 
She has a full head of dark hair :)
All of my babies had full heads of hair when they were born. 

Add caption

She inherited James' long legs....and feet apparently. 
She loves getting her hair washed!
They said she was so calm and relaxed when the nurse was washing her hair.
I copied the nurse at home and wash her hair like this.
I swaddle her and run her head under the facet.
Loves it.

Look at that crazy hair!
Jackson loves holding her.
And he's very gentle with her.
Charlie....not so much.
We can't decide who she looks like yet.
I'm still holding out hope that her eyes will be blue.
There's serious potential there too!
Jackson said she needs to have brown eyes so she can hang with the boys.
All my boys have pretty brown eyes.
I'd like to have one blue eyed child like me...we'll see!
She is perfect.
We are so happy to be home.
She's a great sleeper and is a really good baby.
I am so blessed :)