Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas: part deux

Saturday afternoon we made Christmas cookies!
Mom had all kinds of fun decorations for the kids to decorate cookies with.
Jackson had requested that we make cookies so we waited until we were at my mom's and had lots of help :) 
Cori [Steve's nurse] and her daughter came to join in the festivities. 
Sage and Jackson rolling out the dough. 
Me and my momma :)
I was slowly going downhill at this point, but I kept truckin' 
Charlie's Kindergarten class had made bags of "reindeer food" to sprinkle on the lawn Christmas he's doing just that! 
a mixture of glitter and crushed peppermints and sequins :)
think I also saw some honeycomb cereal in there... 
He had been looking forward this all of Christmas. 
Beau, Ryan and Jeffery the dog :) 
Getting ready for bed.
wipin' noses and downing tylenol 
cute little photo op
The boys were so excited it was Christmas Eve.

We had just gotten home from a yummy dinner at Cuvee Bistro for Christmas Eve.
Goof ball!! 
the flash is sooo bright! 
Jackson thought Santa needed a little guidance in the cookie eating department... 
He wrote a note to the big guy and fixed him a plate of cookies and milk. 
our sugar cookies we made :) 
Mom told the boys if they behaved at dinner they could open one gift on Christmas Eve.
Jackson got a vest....
not exactly the gift he was hoping to open, I presume... 
Georgia got a tea set! 
I got Just Dance 4 for Christmas!!
We took it all upstairs to the Gilmore Floor. 
Jeffrey the dog was over it. 
I whooped these girls.. 
gee, my pictures are out of order and I don't know how to fix that!
JWG gettin' fresh with the camera.
He's a dancing fool just like his mamma!

Man, the Gilmore Floor is messy!!!! 
Lana ignored the fever and just danced... 
fun times on the gilmore floor. 
My bro taking a break from the dance floor.
But not for long!
This game has some fun songs on it!

Jackson said to me, "I can't wait for Dance Party 5 to come out mom!"

me either son! 
And that concluded our Christmas :)

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